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   Chapter 358 Tiny Words On The Calendar

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After seeing Linda off, Jessie took a deep breath when she saw the faint smile on Ashley's face.

"Just as I said. People can't always stay in the room and have a walk to see the scenery and talk. Are you in a better mood now?"

It would be better if Jessie didn't mention it. But when she mentioned it, Ashley remembered what happened in prison that day.

Of course, she was not unhappy because she had lost the two million dollars. Although the two million was not a big deal, with her current wealth, it was easy for her to take out the money. She did not have to suffer for so long because of this kind of thing.

What made her sad was that the thing she had been looking forward to, the thing she had planned and waited for so long, ended up with such an end. After Sheila left that day, Ashley asked the prison guard to see her again and again, but the prison guard told her that Sheila didn't want to see her and would never see her again.

This meant that the man's secret would be sealed forever. As for the child she had never met, it was more like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Seeing that the smile on Ashley's face faded away in an instant, the depression that she had just exhaled was taken back. Jessie softened her tone and said, "Ashley, what happened? You have been like this since you came back from prison that day. What happened between you and Sheila that can make you depressed for so long?"

They had known each other for a long time, so Jessie knew clearly that it was not something shameful and there was no need to hide it from her.

"I made an agreement with Sheila that after the Lantern Festival, she would tell me who that man was. The price was to give her 3100 dollars every month until she was released from prison or until she died."

"She didn't tell you?" Jessie guessed.

"No." Ashley shook her head. "She didn't tell me, and she has also swindled 2million dollars from me..."

"Two million!" Jessie was shocked and almost jumped up from her seat! Two million? How long does it take a person like her to earn so much money? It must be a huge sum of money for her. "Sheila is too bold. This is not two hundred. How can you let her deceive you?"

That's right. It's not two hundred dollars. If it were in normal times, Ashley would never being cheated by her. "... She told me that my child was still alive, right next to his biological father. "

"Oh my God..." Jessie was too shocked to say anything.

"I was eager to know the whereabouts of the child, so I transferred the money to Sheila first. After receiving the money, Sheila said something like sorry to me and went back to prison. She didn't tell me anything about that man from the beginning to the end. I beg to see her again. The prison guard said that she would never see me again... "

"…… That means the man will always remain a mystery to you." Jessie continued.

Ashley nodded and said, "Yes."

Jessie opened her mouth half and didn't know what to say for a long time. Although Ashley had many things that women wanted, such as beauty, talent, money, love, career... However, Jessie still wanted to sigh from the bottom of her heart. She thought that Ashley's experience was rea

"Are you here for Mr. Jasper? Mr. Jasper hasn't arrived at the company yet. Would you like to go in and wait for a moment? "

Since she had stopped Ashley last time, Jasper had told her that his office was Ashley's. Even if he was not there, Ashley could enter in. The secretary was still a little shocked when she thought of the order from Jasper. 'Ashley is really important to Mr. Jasper.'.

Ashley nodded and said, "Please open the door for me. I'll wait for Jasper inside."

"Ok, please wait a moment." The Secretary quickly opened the drawer and took out the key of the office. Then she trotted to the office and opened the door with the key, inviting Ashley in. "Ashley, what do you want to drink? I'll prepare it for you."

"Make me a cup of tea."

"Please wait for a moment in the office. I'll prepare it right away."

Jasper's office was still the same as before. Even though the master hadn't returned for a long time, the office was still tidy and clean. Ashley put her bag on the sofa in the reception area. When she arrived here, she was not anxious anymore. She just needed to wait for Jasper.

When she came in and out of Jasper's office before, Ashley was only active in the reception area. Now that the master was not here, she was interested in taking a view of his office.

While she was waiting for the hot chocolate, Ashley walked casually in Jasper's office. All the documents and office utensils were neatly received into the file cabinet, and everything was in order. She walked to the desk where Jasper usually worked, and her eyes were attracted by an object on the desk.

It was a photo of her smiling on the horse.

A hint of sweetness rose in Ashley's heart. When did Jasper put her photo on his desk?

After putting the photo back to its original place, Ashley was about to go back to the reception area. When she took a step forward, she saw another object on Jasper's desk from the corner of her eyes - a vertical calendar plate.

Of course, there was nothing special about the calendar plate, but Ashley saw a number on it was circled, and there were a few tiny words below the number.

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