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   Chapter 346 Questioning

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On the way back to the company, Aimee was still in anger. With an expressionless face, Cleo looked at her cell phone. Sitting in the back seat of the limousine, Flora recalled what had just happened.

She didn't get along well with Aimee, or even it could be said she never paid respect to Cleo. No matter how capable Cleo was, she was nothing compared to Jasper. Previously, when Flora worked for Jasper, she looked down upon the whole company.

But now she was under Cleo's command. She had to behave herself.

However, perhaps it was because of the grudges in the past, even if she behaved herself, she would still get some good treatment. Just now, in front of so many assistants in the car, Cleo had almost thrown her dignity on the ground and crushed it hard. She had no power to resist.

Everything remained the same. Recently, it was useless for her to grovel under the leadership of Cleo and Aimee. They occasionally smiled at her, probably laughing at her poor appearance.

Slowly, Flora clenched her fists. In the car sat Aimee's the assistant, the stylist, the driver... Everyone turned their back to her. She felt that everyone was rejecting her at the moment. This kind of atmosphere really made her unable to bear for a moment.

Cleo wouldn't change her attitude towards her. It was useless for her to be humble. Realizing this point, Flora had to find a way to change her agent.

It had been more than two hours' drive. The car had been silently driving to the company's downstairs. The assistant opened the door and Aimee got off the car. At this time, there was a sound in the car. But this kind of movement had nothing to do with her. Everyone was paying attention to Aimee, and no one even looked back at her.

"The driver and assistant don't have to follow us." After getting out of the car, Cleo ordered, "You can take a walk and eat something nearby, but don't go too far. I'll come back with Aimee."

It seemed as if Flora wasn't in the car.

"Flora..." The assistant beside her whispered, "Are we sitting in the car or getting off?"

"Get out of the car. Let's go to the office," Flora said coldly.

When Flora and her assistant entered the office building, the elevator just arrived at the first floor. Cleo and Aimee were about to enter the elevator. Flora was holding anger in her heart. Anyway, she had decided that she would fall out with the two, so she pushed Cleo away and led her assistant to the elevator.

Even though Cleo had been an agent for so many years, the patience that had been worn out by the directors and producers were all broken at the moment. She stepped forward and was about to fight with her.

Aimee was right next to Cleo. Cleo was pushed and she was naturally hurt. Then Cleo's body was also hit. She quickly held the elevator frame outside the elevator to stabilize the two. Since Aimee came out of the film and Television City, she had been immersed in her own emotions and had no idea of the surrounding mood. She was totally stunned by Flora's sudden outburst.

She grabbed Cleo who was about to lose he

th Aimee than with Flora. Aimee was his first artist, and he had cared about her and hurt her a lot. They not only had a working relationship, but also had the trust of friends, and were particularly tolerant to Aimee after she had been hurt.

Therefore, sometimes when Aimee spoke impolitely or even questioned and laughed at him, Jasper chose to ignore her words most of the time, including now.

"Why are you asking about my personal affairs?" Jasper didn't want to talk about these things with Aimee.

However, Aimee didn't give up. She came here today for private affairs. Then she asked, "Is it for the same reason as me?"

"Aimee." Jasper frowned.

"Then why didn't you just give up on her and arrange a new agent for her? You weren't so kind to me back then." At the mention of the past, a sneer appeared in Aimee's eyes.

Today, she simply came to make trouble on purpose. The past flashed through Jasper's mind, and he tried his best to soften his tone. "I was tough in dealing with things back then, and I'm sorry that I didn't make proper arrangements for you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

In the past few years, except that she had a dispute with Jasper over this matter in the beginning, Aimee and Jasper had never talked about it again. It was the first time that Aimee heard an apology from him.

"You have really changed. You are much gentler than before..." Aimee lowered her head and said, "You used to be a man of your word. Anyone who dares to disobey your will be directly expelled by you."

"At that time, there were several factions in Shengshi Group. Whether it was right or not, it only needed a voice. Some people and things must be trimmed clean..."

"Why is she?" This question lingered in Aimee's mind for a long time, so she asked. She raised her head and looked into the man's eyes. "Haven't you always disliked the female artists around you? Haven't you always kept a distance from the female employees of the company? Why? Why did you choose her? I used to work for you as well as her. Why did you choose her?"

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