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   Chapter 343 Up To You

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"From now on, I will follow your lead, Aimee. If you want to take Ashley's hand, I will never hurt her feet."

"Ha ha." With a smile, Aimee stubbed out the cigarette and asked, "Flora, are you here to show your loyalty or to test me? I have no interest in Ashley at all. She is not my enemy."

"I just said that. Of course I'm here to show my loyalty, Aimee." Flora smiled.

"I don't need your capricious loyalty." Aimee stood up and walked to the front stage. "Don't piss me off. I don't want to hurt you. Go to Cleo to show your loyalty. All your resources are in her hands."

With a cup of coffee in her hand, Flora stood still. Everything seemed to be different from what she thought.

"How's it going, Flora?" The assistant came over and took the coffee from Flora.

"Kama, I can't believe that Aimee didn't mean to hurt Ashley. Do you think she is pretending?" Thinking of what Aimee had said before she went on the stage, Flora was surprised. "I thought she would accept my surrender soon when I mentioned Ashley, but she was not interested in it at all."

"I don't know. Maybe it's because she has a good relationship with Ashley?"

"What a strange person..." Flora shook her head and sighed.

At this time, Ashley was wearing a heavy costume to shoot the film with the hero who came back to work after the fever.

Jasmine had been waiting aside for a long time. All the staff present were a little nervous during the shooting, and all were particularly polite to Ashley. Although Jasper didn't invest in this play and wasn't their boss, he was still a big shot in the industry and couldn't be ignored.

The director was still very calm. He did what he was supposed to do. He waved his hand when he was satisfied with the shooting and said, "Okay, everyone, have a rest. We'll shoot the next scene in fifteen minutes."

All the staff, including artists, breathed a sigh of relief. They had no choice because Jasper was is standing nearby. They were afraid that if one of them didn't take care of Ashley, they would make Jasper angry.

There was a large down jacket in Jasper's arm. After Ashley finished photographing, he unfolded the down jacket and put it on her. The two walked away together.

"I'm so envious... If I had a rich, powerful, handsome and affectionate man like Mr. Jasper, I would also be willing to be a mistress." A female staff exclaimed.

"Yes, he even helped Ashley put on her clothes. Oh my God... If Mr. Jasper could smile at me, I would be happy for the whole day. I can't even imagine if he helps me put on clothes."

"You women, really..."

"What a

You are my fiancee."

The word "fiancee" came out of Jasper's mouth particularly pleasant to hear, which made Ashley moved. 'Sure enough, love is different. After such a big thing happened, Ashley could be in a good mood after talking with Jasper for a while.

"Then why don't you help your fiancee when she is in such a big trouble?" Ashley couldn't even hear her own voice.

"Sure, I will help." Jasper's eyes were full of love. "Don't worry about this role. I'll talk about the rest."

"The public relations on the Internet has begun. As long as your name and inappropriate terms are tied together, they will be restricted. All the media will get through one by one, and all the negative reports about you will be deleted, and there will be no new reports in the future. Don't worry. It will take at least one or two years, or three or four years. Things will get better. "

With such a man beside her, there was nothing for Ashley to worry about. "Thank you for your concern."

"You're welcome." Jasper smoothed her hair which was disheveled by the wind. "But I have to make you suffer some grievances in the past few years. In these few years, I don't think there will be any brand that will cooperate with you, and there shouldn't be any film and television resources outside to look for you. But it doesn't matter. If you have a favorite role in all the movies invested by Shengshi Group, you can have a try. After this period of time, I will arrange for you to slowly appear on the stage. With such a good qualification, you don't need to worry even if you rest for a few years."

Ashley felt a lump in her throat. She nodded meekly, looked at the ground and pressed back the tears in her eyes. "Okay, it's up to you."

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