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   Chapter 342 Constant Turmoil

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10053

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"…… In just one day, there was an earthquake in the entertainment circle. Ashley and Dylan, who had always been a perfect couple, suddenly broke up when they were about to get married. What's more, the two had new lover respectively in short time. Both their lover were from rich families in A City, which made people imagine.

The camera turned around and the screen was divided into two halves, each half of which was the picture of a house.

"Now you can see that the villa's door of Ashley and Dylan is closed. We have waited for the whole morning, but no one came in and out. But according to the source, Ashley had a fever yesterday and asked for a leave from the crew. She should be at home now. I don't know if it was because of the blow of the "mistress" that Ashley suddenly fell ill..."

"They are coming! They are coming out! "

The live video began to shake, but it was quickly adjusted. In the video, Ashley came out of the villa with the company of her assistant and bodyguards, and the reporters who had been waiting at the door were crowding at the door.

"Ashley, is it true that you are a mistress?"

"Are you sick at this time because you can't bear so much pressure?"

"Will you marry Jasper? Or is it just a hype? Is it true? "

Jamie walked in front of Ashley to block the reporters, and the bodyguards protected Ashley from being hit by the reporters around. Just when everyone thought that Ashley would not speak, she stopped at the door and stood still.

"Thank you for your concern." Ashley took off her sunglasses and calmly looked at the reporters present.

All the people present quieted down. In the cold winter, there were so many people surrounding the gate of the villa, but only the sound of "click" taking photos could be heard.

"Thank you for your concern about my emotional problems. I can't reply too much because of my busy work. I will give you an explanation at the right time. Please wait patiently. " As Ashley spoke, she put on her glasses again, and a car drove out of the villa. Accompanied by the security guards and assistants, she got on the car and left.

"Ashley, please talk about the details."

"Ashley, when will we wait?"


After all, her body could not block the iron shell. The car slowly drove away from the crowd and slowly disappeared from the view of the camera.

As the camera turned, an interview reporter appeared again. "We still haven't got the specific answer from Ashley, but directly got on a car and left her villa." However, under the pressure of public opinion, Ashley still showed up and asked everyone to wait. I believe that she also understands everyone's mood at the moment. Please give her some time. Let's wait patiently. "

"Shit! Fucking wait." Turning off the video in disdain, Flora continued, "She didn't suffer much when she broke up with someone like Dylan. It can only be said that Mr. Jasper is really tactic. There are little people gossip about their relationship now."


ant to work, she still greeted everyone with a faint smile on her face.

She once thought it was very interesting to be an actress, and it was relatively easier to make money than ordinary people. However, when she really went deep into this industry, she found that the truth was not as good as she thought. She became an actress, but it was not that interesting. The characters were rarely acted according to her own wishes, and there were always a group of people who kept giving her suggestions.

She made money, but it was not that easy. Even if she was famous, she still kept working and was busier than before.

With the spirit to record the program, at the intermission, Aimee lit a cigarette at the backstage to refresh herself. Almost all the people in the circle were heavy smokers. Under great pressure and lack of sleep, cigarettes were indispensable for them.

"Aimee, I made you a cup of coffee. Have some. It's better than smoking." With a cup of coffee in her hand, Flora walked up to Aimee.

Casting a glance at Flora, Aimee found that this woman seemed to have changed overnight and suddenly became obedient to her. Aimee looked at Flora up and down and said, "You have a sip first. "

There were a lot of artists who tried to poison the others in the entertainment circle, and sometimes there was no way to investigate, so artists had to keep vigilant when they worked outside.

Flora took a sip and handed the coffee back with a smile. "Look, I'm fine."

"You have already drunk it. How can I drink it?" Aimee pushed the coffee away and continued to smoke.

Flora still kept a smile on her face, "Aimee, I know you have always been against me because of Jasper. I used to have many misunderstandings about you. But now, Ashley has been with Jasper, and I have no interest in Jasper anymore. It was all my fault in the past. I just want to work hard for you and Cleo in the future. Please give me a chance to change, Aimee."

"Change? How?" Aimee raised her eyebrows.

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