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   Chapter 329 Don't Hurt Him

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The middle and index fingers of his right hand were gently hooked on the skin of Ashley. As he turned his head, he released his mouth from the grip of Ashley. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "she has left."

With a blushing face, Ashley pulled her hand back and hid herself under the quilt. "Turn off the light and go to bed. It's late."

Jasper pulled the switch in the room with one hand to turn the light off. The room became dark all of a sudden. With that, he pulled back the covers and pressed them against her. "It's still early. Do you want to go to bed so early?" he asked, wrapping his arms around the woman's waist.

"Jasper..." With some hesitation, Ashley held the man's hand and moved her body to the other side of the bed. "Dylan and I..."

"Is there any result between you and Dylan other than breaking up?" "With things turning out like this, can you and Dylan still be together?"

"I know." Ashley looked down.

"Ashley." "Leave it to me. You don't need to worry about anything. I can handle everything well as long as you do what you like, okay?"

Those words were so tempting. For a long time, Ashley was struggling between two love relationships. The balance in her mind swung from one side to other side, which made her extremely tired.

She still remembered how painful Dylan had been when they broke up last time. She really didn't want to face Dylan's pain again. If Jasper could help her solve all this and could make her escape from the guilty conscience in front of Dylan, she really wanted to agree with him. But...

"But, Jasper, after all, it's between me and Dylan. If you handle it personally, he will definitely be hurt."

"Some pains are inevitable." Taking Ashley in his arms, he continued, "You're soft hearted. If I let you handle this, how long will I wait? Should I always hide in the dark when the relationship between you and Dylan has become stable? Just like what you did just now. You want to hide me when someone approached? "

"I didn't mean that..." Ashley lowered her head.

"Leave all the things to me. I'll handle it, okay?"

The furnace fire was burning fiercely in the dark, and the orange light shone in the darkness. After thinking for a long time, Ashley finally nodded and said, "be gentle, and don't hurt him badly."

"I know... I know what I am doing... "

People in the village got up early. Just before the day broke, some of them were talking in the street. However, this voice did not sound noisy, but a sense of quiet. Jasper had already woken up. His sense had told him to leave here as soon as possible, but he couldn't bear to leave her as her body was so soft. After hesitating for a while, the old couple in the courtyard waked up. He missed the best leaving time.

His arm was numb because of Ashley. He gently pulled his arm out from her which was under her neck. Being interrupted, Ashley twisted her body in his arms,

s long legs. The man pulled the bolt and opened the door.

Looking at the person coming out from the house, Jamie thought it would be Ashley, so she was about to greet her. However, she didn't expect to see Jasper come out. She was shocked and stuttered, "Mr. ... Mr. Jasper! "

"Hmm." "Ashley is still wearing her clothes. You'd better not go inside for the time being," he added.

What... what! She was still putting on her clothes! Jamie was in a state of shock. She felt like she was hit by thunder, and her face was livid.

God, please! Who could tell what was going on!

"Yes... Yes, I know. Mr. Jasper. " Jamie blurted out.

"OK, you two clean up and go to the playground of school, I'll go first." Jasper said.

"Okay... Okay. " Jamie didn't know what was going on with her brain, and, out of instinct, she replied with a strong desire for survival.

After telling her that, Jasper strode out of the courtyard.

Inside the room, Ashley was getting dressed as quickly as she could in her life. She didn't want Jamie to see her torn clothes which would make her look down upon her forever. Two minutes later, Ashley got dressed quickly and braided her hair.

She tidied up her clothes and hurried out of her room. She saw Jamie still standing at the door with a dull face.

"Dong Guan?"

"Ashley!" Jamie turned around and asked, "What's going on? Why is Mr. Jasper here? "

"Eh... He said he took a helicopter to come here. The helicopter is now parked on the playground behind the school, and we'll leave by helicopter." Ashley explained.

"No, that's not what I mean." "I mean, why was he in your room in the early morning? And why did he tell me that you were wearing clothes?"

"It means..." Ashley didn't know how to explain it, "it's just... That's what I mean. "

"Woo..." Damon howled, "oh my God!"

It was as if saying that the earth was square that Steve had an affair with his artist. What a crazy woman!

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