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   Chapter 327 Heavy Snow Sealed The Mountain Passes

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The stage was in the open-air, and there was an open space behind the school. The government had scheduled it for students as the playground. The playground had not been built yet, but there were not many modern cleaning equipment piling up on it in order. The old-fashioned teaching building gave people a strange feeling of chaos.

There was a shed set up by canvas behind the stage. There were three burning torches in the shed, making it very warm.

There were about ten artists in the shed, most of whom didn't know each other at all. After greetings, they did their own preparations. The show had already begun. The artists in the front row were anxiously preparing. It was still a long time before Ashley was the last one to take her turn.

The dancers in the room had already been changed in the hotel. Ashley was wearing make-up on her own, and Jamie was doing as she usually did, standing behind her and putting up her hair.

She was wearing a thin gown and she believed that people outside would definitely talk to the host and donate money after the dance. After one lap back and forth, if the heat hadn't been mobilized throughout her body, she would not be able to bear it. After getting everything ready, Ashley could only jump on the floor to accumulate the heat.

The two young men who had been gossiping in the bus seemed to sit in the back of their table. With an awkward smile, they came over to Ashley and greeted, "good evening, Ashley. My name is Leo."

"Hello, Ashley. My name is Jennifer. I'm so sorry for what I did in the car just now." The young woman quickly apologized.

"What happened? Do you mean that your scarf swept me on my face? Don't worry. It's cloudy and snowy today. It's not your fault." Ashley pretended not know it.

Stunned for a moment, Jennifer soon responded, "Yes, it's good that you don't mind, Ashley. Ashley, are you doing warm-up exercise now? Why does it take so long? "

"It's cold in the open air of the stage. I'm afraid that I will made mistakes in the cold on the stage, so I have to keep warm before going to the stage."

"Well, then we'd better not disturb you, Ashley. We go to prepare for show." With these words, Jennifer left with Leo.

In the shed, Ashley was jumping. She felt hotter, but her heart was getting colder. The news about Ada had been spread in the entertainment circle. Now anyone in the circle who saw her should avoid mentioning it in front of her. Ashley didn't want to hear anyone talk about her, but the fact that she didn't want to talk about it made her feel even worse.

However, what rights did she have to say? It was her who had made the decision. Now that Jasper had finally turned to another woman, why should she bemoan her fate?

It snowed more and more heavily and it was a little warmer. When Ashley stepped on the stage, the stage was covered with snow. Under the stage sat many plump kids. Their cheeks were red with cold, but they looked very excited.

"The next show is Zhaojun Outside the Frontier, and the performer, Ashley."

Ashley came out of the canvas, wearing a red, rolling white dancing dress. She shivered with cold as soon as she stepped on the stage.

ried to stop him, the more passionate they became. In the end, the two had no choice but to help him setting up the bed. Then the old man went to the neighbor's house and borrowed a stove to burn. The room became a little hot because of the heat.

Ashley was sitting in a small stove and burning the fire in her room while looking out of the windows covered with dust. She became more and more sober and was not sleepy at all.

There were only a set of dancing clothes and a down jacket on the mountain. She didn't take any other clothes with her as she thought she would go back to the hotel after the show. Now that Ashley had already put on all the clothes she could have, now she had to wear a mask, a scarf and a hat to surround the seam that could be used to cover, she turned the little furnace vent open.

As soon as she stepped out of the house, she felt a chill down her face. Luckily, since she was tightly covered by a thick down jacket, she didn't feel cold. The gate was made of wood. Although it was not eye-catching for people of this family, Ashley liked it.

The road was not black no matter how black the cloud was in the snowy night because of the snow reflection. Ashley opened the gate of fence and walked along the snow path casually. All the houses and walls of the village were covered with snow, which made the whole village look integrated. To avoid getting lost, Ashley grasped a small branch from the pile of branches placed beside a wall, walking and inserted it in the snow to make a road sign.

After turning a few corners, she saw several tall men come over. One of them was holding a flashlight to light up the road.

They knew each other and had strong moral constraints on their survival. Even at night, she believed that nothing would happen to her. Thinking about this, Ashley went on walking with the branches in her hand. After talking with those men in a line, Ashley walked a few more steps slowly. She always felt that she had missed something, so she stopped and looked back.

One of the men stopped and looked back.

Ashley finally recognized the man. It was Jasper.

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