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   Chapter 313 Proposal

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It took a long time to fetch the bride and when the wedding team arrived, it was almost 12 o'clock. The good chance must not be missed. When they arrived at the scene, June didn't have a rest. Then she and William went into the hall to proceed the wedding ceremony.

Ashley and other bridesmaids stood at one side of the room. During the ceremony, Ashley saw Dylan among the guests. Dylan had been looking at her all the time. Seeing that she was looking at him, he nodded with a smile. Ashley also nodded with a smile. After greeting, she looked away at the new wedding couples for the guilty she had when they were looking at each other.

After the ceremony, there were also toast and game sections. Ashley would have been free with so many bridesmaids around. However, in order to avoid any contact with Dylan, she had spent all the time dealing with June and finished all the procedures together with her. She even drank a lot for June. Fortunately, she could drink a lot and was not afraid of making a fool of herself.

"The last one, the bride should throw the bouquet!" The host looked at the card and said.

Standing on the edge of the stage, Ashley didn't intend to join the fun. All the unmarried girls, including all the bridesmaids, crowded under the stage. "June, give it to me!"

"Throw it here!"

With her back to the people under the stage, June looked at the people again and said, "I'll try my best, but I am not sure I will throw it to you. Let's see how capable you are!"

As she spoke, she turned around and took the bouquet in her hand. Estimated the weight of the bouquet and her strength, she threw it backwards forcefully!

The bouquet drew a high arc in the air and then fell in the corner of a guest's seat in the West. Everyone looked in the direction of the bouquet. As the bouquet was about to drop, it was firmly grabbed by an outstretched hand.

Ashley doubted that June did it on purpose. What a coincidence.

The person who took the bouquet was Dylan, who was sitting on a guest seat.

"Hey, June. How did you throw it away! Why did you throw it so high? None of us can reach it. "

"It's unreasonable that a man even take a bouquet? Throw it again! Throw it again!"

"Handsome boy, Dylan, please give the flowers to June. June, please throw it again..." People around the bridesmaid group were all boiling with anger.

Upon hearing that, Dylan took the bouquet and walked to the red carpet in the middle. The girls who were waiting for the bouquet gave way to him automatically. Under the gaze of the crowd, he walked up to the stage and then walked on.

"June, you must be more reliable this time."

"Yes, I am looking forward to getting a bouquet of flowers and getting married. If I don't get married, I wil

Dylan looked at Ashley, who was leaning against June and said, "then I'll go to her home. I've been living there these days, so it's convenient for me to change my clothes."

"Dylan, don't worry. I'll take care of her. She doesn't feel well after drinking. I'll arrange a car to send her back. What do you think, Ashley?"

"Okay, let's go back now." Leaning against June's shoulder and burying her face in her clothes, she was too exhausted to face Dylan any more.

Seeing her like this, the joy of the success of her proposal gradually faded away. He could feel that Ashley had accepted his proposal. But her heart was not here. Maybe she was complaining about him now. He blamed himself for having proposed to her in front of so many people. He had promised to give her time to consider, but he still forced her in this situation.

"Well, thanks."

"It's not a big deal. I know her since we were kids. I only see her as my family. It's not a big deal," June held Ashley and gesture at a woman who was in her thirties. "Lily, drive a car here right now. Miss Ashley felt uncomfortable after drinking. You send her back to my yard."

"Yes, my lady."

Lily drove the car over within two minutes. June helped Ashley sit in the back seat. It was not until Ashley's cheek left her shoulder and sat into the car that June saw her face full of tears.

Looking at her tears, June was sad and said, "Ashley..."

"I'm fine. I just need some rest." "Close the door now. I don't want anyone else to see it," she said.

No matter how worried June was, she could do nothing but bear it. She patted on Ashley's shoulder, stepped back and closed the door.

Dylan's heart sank as the car slowly slid into the darkness. Since Ashley leaned on June's shoulder, she didn't take a look at him, and she didn't talk to him anymore when she left.

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