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   Chapter 301 Let's Get Married

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"What do you mean?"

"Brother Dylan, you know that Ashley likes Jasper," said Flora slowly, observing the look on Dylan's face. "I have a photo in which Ashley was kissing Jasper. I've told you about it before. You might have also heard of some of Mr. Jasper's habits. As long as the female artists in our company like him, he will absolutely make this female artist..."

"Get to the point." Dylan interrupted her. He didn't want to see her exaggerating the story.

She wasn't irritated by his interruption and continued, "the point is that Ashley fear that Jasper may know this picture, so she keeps an eye on me. In order to suppress me, she finally found a picture in my wallet that I snuggled up against Jasper. It proved that I liked him. Because of this, Jasper throw me to Cleo."

Dylan recalled what she had said, but he couldn't figure out the key point. He couldn't help but frown. "You say you are sorry for me on this matter?"

"Well, that's because I'm always in a hurry." In a moment of desperation, she gave a cunning smile and added, "that's why I gave that photo to Jasper."

His brain hummed and his eyes suddenly opened wide. Jasper saw the photo!

"I thought this would change Mr. Jasper's opinion of me, but guess what? Mr. Jasper actually likes Ashley!" Flora pretended to show her disbelief.

"This is really... This was almost crazy! Who would have thought that Jasper would fall in love with his actress! He hated being involved in any gossip with his actress. Alas... God joke on man."

There was a buzz in Dylan's brain. If Jasper knew that, and Ashley knew, what would happen next? What would happen to him?

"Now Jasper and Ashley love each other, but you are dating with her. Alas! It's all my fault. I'm so sorry, Brother Dylan."

Seeing the shock and pain on Dylan's face, she couldn't help feeling happy. 'Ashley, let's see who you will choose between Dylan and Jasper.

If you choose Dylan, you will miss Jasper, and you will regret it for the rest of your life. But if you choose to Jasper but give up Dylan, well, now your relationship with Dylan has been generally recognized. You do this will be regarded as you play up to those powerful people, which means you will abandon Dylan. By that time, your reputation will be ruined and your career will be over.

"Brother Dylan, are you all right?" After waiting for a long time, Dylan still didn't say a word. Thus, Flora timely showed her concern.

Dylan gradually regained his composure from the news. "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern."

"To be honest, Ashley is an unreasonable woman. She loves someone else, but she agreed to be with you. She is a scourge." After a sigh, she continued, "but you and Ashley are now a golden couple in the eyes of the public. If Ashley wants to break up with you, she should reconsider. You don't have to worry too much about it, Brother Dylan. As long as you stick to the public opinion, Ashley won't betray.

" Recently, Sheila didn't play any tricks and Dylan was too busy to remember there was such a person. "Why do you want to see her all of a sudden?"

"The second trial results of Sheila were announced and the decision was upheld. She has been sent to prison." Ashley paused, "Sheila hates me to the core and is very persistent in some matters. She's going to go through a hard time in prison, which might change her mind. I want to ask her something."

He knew clearly that what she wanted to ask Sheila. With a sigh, Dylan held Ashley's hand on the table and asked, "haven't you let it go yet?"

Ashley turned her head away to avoid the man's eyes, "there is nothing can't let go. I just like to finish what I'm doing. Since Gloria was dead, the only one who knows the secret is Sheila. I want to know the result."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

Ashley shook her head. "The prison is A City's mountainous area. It's estimated that it takes a day to go to the prison and come back. Aren't you taking over the company now? You don't have to accompany me. I also want to go out by myself."

Seeing that Ashley was determined, he could not say anything more.

When they finished dinner and cleaned the pot, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. It was not safe on the road so Ashley left. She refused to let Dylan drive her back since she came here by driving her car. Being rejected repeatedly, Dylan was a little depressed, but he still sent her to the underground parking lot.

It was so quiet in the parking lot that they could even hear the breath of each other.

They walked silently all the way to Ashley's car. Standing in front of her car, without opening the door, Ashley turned around, wrapped her arms around the man's shoulder and kissed him on the lips.

His eyes widened in surprise. It was rare for Ashley to be so active.

"I'll think about our marriage. Wait for my reply."

"Okay," said Dylan, whose heart was beating fast.

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