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   Chapter 300 Met In Banquet Night Building

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"…… There was no big plans in Shengshi Group recently. I have a few meals with several friends and they said that the company is running well now."

"What about the agency?"

"The agency..." The man thought for a while and said, "The brokerage department is also running as usual, but there are some normal changes. For example, Dave has just signed a new star, and Jamie is promoted to an intern agent. These are all trifles, perhaps you don't know these people. And you must have heard about Flora. She was once working for Jasper, and she was assigned to Cleo. What's more..."

"Wait!" Getting to the point, Dylan asked, "You mean that Flora's agent has changed?"

"Yes, does it matter?"

"When did this happen?"

"Let me think It seemed that it happened in September HMM I remember it happened on September 5th or 6th. Flora seemed to offended Jasper."

Dylan hang up the phone. Flora had been working for Jasper for many years. The cooperation between them had always been nice. Flora's achievements were also obvious to all. Flora had no reason to make Jasper unhappy, and it was so serious that she was directly arranged with another agent. Although Cleo was not bad, she was still inferior to the operations genius like Jasper.

The obscure change in the relationship between Jasper and Ashley and the change in the agent of Flora was too coincidental. And he had always known that Flora had pictures of Ashley secretly kissed Jasper. This kind of coincidence made Dylan associate the change of Flora's agent with Ashley.

Perhaps he could get the answer from Flora.

Recently, Flora didn't have a good time.

There was no doubt that Cleo was one of the best agent in Shengshi Group. But Cleo had Aimee with her for almost four years. Cleo almost regarded Aimee as her "daughter", while Flora could be regarded as an "adopted daughter" at the most.

In addition, Flora and Aimee didn't get along well with each other. Under such circumstances, Flora was like falling from the heave to the hell, incomparable with what she got from Jasper. Recently, she had been trying to cooperate with Cleo. There were many works for them to communicate or coordinate, as a result, many of her posts didn't not run smoothly. She was depressed to death.

Just as the old saying goes, 'If the beginning is wrong, everything goes wrong'. If she hadn't taken that photo at the beginning, she wouldn't have been living in great apprehension and involuntariness. The most hateful thing was that she has planned for so long, and everything ended to benefit for the others. She didn't drive Ashley away. Instead, she made the two know their minds, and consolidated Ashley's importance in Jasper's heart.

What did she get besides a movie and a contract? She left Shengshi Group and even lost the best agent in this circle, without a strong background and a strong shield. What she lost outweighed the gain.

Thinking of what had happened recently, Flora took another gulp of wine.

e lobby manager.

"I have an appointment with my friend, Dylan. I wonder if he arrived."

"Oh, you are Mr. Dylan's friend." The lobby manager said with a big smile, Mr. Dylan arrived already. Please follow me."

Flora was led by a waiter to a private room on the third floor. The waiter knocked on the door and said, "Come in, please." The waiter opened the door and invited her in. Flora entered the private room. Dylan was sitting in his seat, watching the band below the bar on the first floor.

"Brother Dylan." Said flora in a conscientious voice.

Dylan turned his head to look at her. He had always been cold and courteous to outsiders. "Here you are. Please sit down."

Flora sat down opposite to Dylan and said, "This is the first time that I come to Banquet Night Building. People all say the environment here is good and the food is tasty. Do you often come here, Brother Dylan?"

"I'll come when I'm free." While pouring a cup of tea for Flora, Dylan said, "I invited you here because I have something to ask you. It won't take you too long."

Flora smiled and took a sip of tea. "I will try my best to help you if there is anything I can do, let alone ask questions. I don't know what you want to know, I will tell you all I know, Brother Dylan."

Leaning against the back of the chair, Dylan asked, "I heard that you had made some trouble with Jasper and had been arranged to Cleo. That's actually a good place for you, but you have been working with Jasper for so many years. How did you offended Jasper? "

It turned out that he invited her here for this reason. After hearing what Dylan said, Flora felt relieved soon. Jasper and Ashley knew they loved each other. Maybe Ashley's recent behaviors caused Dylan's suspicion, so he invited her here.

'Ashley, you are indeed very lucky. So many people are escorting you. However, sometimes, being lucky is a mistake.'

"Speaking of this, I feel a little sorry for Brother Dylan." Flora said apologetically.

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