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   Chapter 299 I Can't Do That

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"Do you know the second judgment of Sheila?"

Sheila? Hearing this, Ashley was stunned. Recently she was either busy with work or struggled with emotion that she really forgot about Sheila. "How is the verdict?"

"A life imprisonment sentence. A few days later, Sheila will be imprisoned."

"Okay," Ashley had a little disappointment in her heart, but nothing could change.

"It's getting late. Have a good rest. I'm leaving."

He just left like that? 'Why did Jasper drive so far to tell me this?' thought Ashley. She felt a little sorry for his coming, "it's late now. Do you have to drive home? Stay here and leave tomorrow morning."

"All right," he replied, withdrawing his hand from the door.

After Jasper parked the car, Ashley accompanied him to the reception desk and got a room. The receptionist recognized her as she opened her mouth wide seeing that Ashley was checking in with a strange man.

"My agent, please get a big bed room for him." Then she realized that she had made a decision for Jasper. Turning to him, she asked, "is that okay?"

"Yes," answered Jasper unhappily, squinting at her.

It would hurt if she insisted on her own statement. So Ashley knew she should stop doing that.

"Is there a room on the floor where Ashley is?" Jasper proposed.

"Yes, sir." The receptionist was professional and quickly recovered her professional appearance. "Sir, 1518, next to Miss Ashley's room. This is the room card, Please take it."

"Thank you." Taking his ID card and room card, Jasper ran upstairs with his coat.

Ashley was depressed and slowed down her pace angrily. She kept a long distance from Jasper and when he disappeared at the corner, she walked slowly. When she finally arrived at the elevator area, she saw that Jasper was standing in an elevator without any expression. Obviously, he was waiting for her.

No matter how angry she was, she shouldn't be so childish to press the other elevator. She walked slowly into the elevator, and stood still with no expression on her face as Jasper.

The floor number on the LED screen in the elevator chanced from 1 to 15. After the elevator door opened with a click, Jasper walked out first and ignored her.

At this moment, the feelings of being ignored, wronged and angry surged at the same time. Ashley wasn't a person who liked to cry. With her arms or legs broken, she wouldn't cry. However, as she was treated so coldly by Jasper, her eyes could not help turning red. She took a few deep breaths to hold back the tears. After walking out of the elevator, she looked at the empty corridor.

She had known why he had been angry, but hadn't she explained it, there would be a big misunderstanding. She said that he was her agent. Was it wrong?

Ashley was in a low mood and walked towards her room. When she approached her room, someone sud

you have to carry so many things at one time? You just need to take a few more times."

"I thought it would save trouble to take at once. Do you think it's enough? If no, I will go get some more," said Ashley as he noticed the look in Jasper's eyes, which didn't look good.

"Eat first. If it's not enough, I'll get it for you. Just sit down and eat. Don't let yourself get hungry." Dylan arranged to give her the food.

There was an aggressive look on Jasper's face. Ashley sat down and said to Jasper, "come on, eat something. Aren't we going back to A City to work later?"

It was obvious that she didn't want him to be a trouble and urged him to leave. With no expression on his face, Jasper replied coldly, "well.". Then he glanced at Ashley and said, "eat your food. Don't worry about me."

Ashley coughed. Instead of picking up food for Dylan like she usually did, she ate her own food obediently.

Dylan rolled his eyes at both of them and sensitively felt that the relationship between them was obviously different. They were not as alienated as before.

Although Jasper treated Ashley indifferently just now, sometimes the coldness itself was a sign of intimacy. Because intimacy could be unscrupulous, distant and polite.

Moreover, Ashley had been paying attention to Jasper's mood. Unknowingly, the way she called him changed from "Mr. Jasper" to "Jasper".

Dylan had a feeling that he couldn't get hold of her since last night, which made him upset again. Both of them had feelings for each other. The misunderstanding between them had never been exposed. Once the truth was revealed, he wasn't sure that he could win her heart.

Dylan was sure that something serious must have happened since Ashley was called back to Shengshi Group hurriedly that day. The tour of publicity was about to come to an end, and when he came back to A City, he had to make sure of it.

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