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   Chapter 293 His Kiss (Part Two)

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The whole cafe was dark, except where she sat. She looked so peaceful and unreal as she were covered by the sunshine. The man held his breath in surprise. He knew clearly that his customer was the famous star, so was Ashley, but he still felt a little bit shocked to see her.

Noticing that someone was coming up, Ashley turned her head to look at the man who was standing on the stairs but not fully showed himself yet, and she asked, "is that Mr. Lin?"

"Yes, it's me, Miss Ashley." Coming back to his senses, he went upstairs steadily and sat down in front of Ashley. "Sorry for keeping you waiting."

"It doesn't matter. I arrived early." She didn't say too much about the topic, but went straight to the point, "you said that the thing of Flora needs to be taken a risk. So tell me how to do it."

"Her schedule is normal. The only information I know is her decadent private life. I can take many photos of her. But for Jasper of the Shengshi Group, Flora... They seldom contacted each other. I've been following her for such a long time, but I haven't seen anything unusual. If we want to make any progress in it, we may start with Flora's private residence and private goods."

Such a method didn't sound right. "If so, it would be illegal, wouldn't it?"

"Yes." Said Detective Xie affirmatively.

Ashley was lost in thought without saying a word.

"In fact, it takes a lot of effort to investigate and obtain evidence. Besides, private detectives like us are nothing more than make use of the law loophole."

She felt her bottom line was going to be lowered again. "If you get caught..."

"Don't worry, Miss Ashley. I'll say that I'm a crazy admirer of Flora, and I have absolutely nothing to do with you. It's just... The problem is risky and I must raise the cost."

"Of course."

After finishing the filming, Flora was exhausted and planned to take a month off. In addition to some necessary activities, she spent most of her time at her own home reading and reading a movie.

There was a brand activity today. As the brand's image ambassador, Flora had to attend it with her assistant. After the activities ended, sh

lked out with his head down. She didn't realize how lonely she was until now. The housing price in this block was quite high, and she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Here's the elevator, Flora. Let's go." The assistant called her.

Then she looked away and walked into the elevator suspiciously. This kind of confusion kept going on until she entered her home.

As soon as she entered the door, she knew that there had been someone else coming in this house.

Although everything remained the same, and the smells in the air didn't change, she knew that everything had been turned over. One of her merits was that she had a good memory. She had no trouble in memorizing any lines. She could remember them as long as she read them. Although everything in the house was still in place, they were not the same as before.

Flora put her bag down and checked what she had lost.

The assistant was frightened by the scene that Flora hurried to rummage through the items after she came in, so she asked, "Flora, what's wrong with you? What are you looking for?"

She didn't have time to answer her, but continued digging. "They are all here... I didn't lose it..."

"Flora?" The assistant was frightened by her looks and asked, "what's wrong? Flora."

"What is he looking for? What is he looking for? !" Looking at her messy room, Flora was on the verge of a break down. "Who the hell are following me and investigating me?"

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