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   Chapter 287 Arrest

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Actually, Jasper didn't read any word of the document. From the moment when Ashley came in, he had paid all his attention to her.

He had a very complicated feeling about Ashley. On the one hand, he didn't want to see her. On the other hand, he wanted to see her as often as others. Because every time he saw her, he would think of the intimate scene between her and Dylan. That scene was even sharper than a knife. The knife could not hurt him, but it made his heart painful every time he thought of the scene.

"It makes sense if he doesn't agree." Jasper said coldly.

After waiting for a few seconds and seeing that Jasper says no more, she had no choice but to continue asking, "so what should we do next?"

As he held the files, he tightened his grip. 'Stop asking. I don't want to hear this, ' he thought! I don't want to handle this, either! If his leg was healed, he wanted to run away right now.

"As you like."

Ashley was struck dumb by the obvious impatience in what he said.

"Okay. I see. Have a good rest." Ashley was badly injured and couldn't stay any longer. "Mandy, Miss Adela, I'm leaving now."

"Take care, Miss Ashley." Mandy's posture was as dignified as ever.

Betty felt sorry for Ashley. Although she was often treated cold by her boss in work, she had watched her grow up. She couldn't bear to watch it, so she pushed Ashley out of this embarrassing place.

The door of the ward was closed again. Looking at the cold expression on Ashley's face, Adela felt very happy and said, "I thought you have a good relationship with Ashley, since Nelson loves her so much."

"Miss Adela." Jasper was displeased to hear that. He threw a cold glance at Adela and said, "I don't like someone irrelevant to my matter."

Feeling embarrassed and hurt, Adela drew a long face.

Sitting on the other side, Mandy kept silent thoughtfully. 'Her son was too old to mind others' opinions, except Bruce's scolding. Obviously, he is in a bad mood, but Adela still provoke him. I can't help her, ' she thought.

After coming out of Jasper's ward, Ashley calmed herself down in the corridor. It was normal that Jasper acted moody. She had been irritated by him many times and already got used to it. She took a few deep breaths to calm down and said, "Betty, please take me to Dylan's bedroom."

Of course, Ms. Edith was taking care of Dylan in his room. They were watching cartoon happily on TV. Seeing that Ashley was coming, Ms. Edith called her, "Ashley, come here to watch TV together."

Betty pushed Ashley to the bedside and found an excuse to leave. "Miss, I go home to cook. You stay here and take a seat. I'll come back soon."

Hearing that, Ms. Edith thought of the meal and said, "well, it's time for me to go home now. You can chat with Ashley for a while. I'm going back home to fetch food for you."

"Okay. Take care on your way home."

They finally left the ward together. When there were only two of them left, Dylan came up with a mischievous idea, "Ashley, my wound hurts."

Ashley was thinking

third floor. I have business to deal with."

"Please follow me, sir. I'll get the entrance card and open the door for you."

They arrived at the building where Sheila stayed and then took the elevator to the sixth floor. Emily motioned her colleague to knock on the door. She had dealt with Sheila, and she probably knew her.

A policeman behind her stepped forward and knocked on the door. "Property clerk, open the door!"

After that, Sheila was sitting on the ground in a daze. When she heard the knock on the door, she trembled with fear. "What's wrong with you? I don't deal with low-class people from the management company. Get out!"

The three people outside the door looked at each other and raised their eyebrows. The one who knocked at the door curled his lips. "Low-class people? Does she think she is noble?"

Then he knocked on the door again. "Locker updates. Please open the door for your safety. It only takes a while to finish it."

Hearing it was for her safety, although Sheila was impatient, she stood up from the ground. She picked up the coat from the sofa and wrapped herself up. She was in her nightgown at home. She didn't want to be seen like that by the low-class worker. She walked to the door with the slippers and looked through the door viewer, seeing two men.

She grasped the door handle and opened it impatiently. "Get it done as soon as possible. My time is..."

Sheila couldn't finish her sentence as she saw Moo Moo standing behind the two men.

Then she came to Sheila and unfolded the arrest warrant in front of her. "You are suspected of the collapse of a lamp light for the stage, which caused four seriously injured people. Please come with us to the police station and accept an investigation!"

"No! No! " Sheila shook her head and retreated, "I didn't do it. I didn't do it. You caught the wrong person! I didn't do it!"

At that moment, Moo Moo made a gesture and ordered, "arrest her!"

The two policemen received the order and strode into Sheila's new home.

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