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   Chapter 206 A Man's Tears

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 9782

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"Hi, Ashley, is the rumor on the Internet true? Are you really the planner of Sheila's wedding?"

"Is the relationship among you and your step-mother and step-sister really so bad as the rumors say?"

"I heard that you blocked your father's ward and didn't let your step-sister and step-mother visit him in order to take the assets?"

When Ashley went to see Samuel, there would be one or two reporters appearing in front of her from time to time to ask her questions. Having been mentally prepared by Jasper for what was going to happen, Ashley kept silent, without answering everyone's questions.

From then, she would take Jamie with her and let Jamie deal with some things that she was inconvenient to show up. Today, there were so many reporters that blocked them in the passage.

"Ashley, please say something, Ashley!"

"You keep silent because you acquiesce in everything?"

Jamie had been protecting her, trying to break out several times, but the reporters stopped them in the corner, as if they were unwilling to give up unless Ashley spoke.

After being blocked by these people for quite a long time, Ashley couldn't move. She took off her mask and said, "It's rumor. My agent is investigating the schemer, and I believe that there will be a result soon. Please wait patiently. I'm going to see my father. Please move aside. "

"Do you mean someone bought water army to frame you up?" A microphone was raised in front of her.

Ashley was speechless. She thought, 'Do these people have any immoral thoughts? Wasn't Sheila to be the one to be blamed?'

"I can't make a conclusion on anything without evidence. Please wait patiently. I believe we will have a result soon."

"So, what did them mean you grounded your father?"

"Why don't let Gloria and Sheila go to visit him?"

The questions kept coming one after another. Ashley chose to shut up wisely while Jamie blocked the microphones. "Please wait patiently. When we find out what's going on, we'll hold a press conference and answer your questions."

"When will you hold a press conference?"

"We haven't set the date yet. After we confirm, we'll definitely invite you to come. Please move aside. Ashley still wants to see her father,"

The reporters didn't want to get out of the way, keeping asking the questions. They struggled for a long time in the ring, but the big noise finally disturbed the security of the hospital. Only after the security guards sent all the reporters out could they get out of the ring.

Jamie's hair and clothes were in a mess because of being squeezed, and Ashley helped her tidy up her clothes and hair in the bathroom.

"Ashley, when will Mr. Jasper hold a press conference. I'm so worried about these that I have lost a lot of weight every day."

Speaking of Jasper, she hadn't been kind to her these days. Ashley was still angry at what the man had said that day. "I don't know. Just wait for

e didn't suffer much..."

Before finishing her words, Dylan gave her a hug.

Stunned by his move, Ashley thought that the man was too sad to ask for comfort, so she held her hands back and patted his back tenderly. "You can cry if you want. You have seen my ugly appearance for many times, so it is not shameful for you to cry in front of me."

"Thank you for coming to see me so soon."

"Don't mention it, Brother Dylan! You have helped me so much. There's no need to say thank you between us."

Tears welled up in Dylan's eyes. All actors are sensitive and emotional. A piece of fall in autumn can still bring sorrows, not to mention the death of their loved ones, and the comfort of admirers.

Tears streamed down from his eyes, but Dylan didn't say anything. She could only tell that the man was crying from the wet neck. His tears were warm, dropping in her neck, and she also felt sad. It seemed that those tears were slowly penetrated into her heart through her skin, which was sour and bitter.

"Stay here tonight. I'll ask the servant to make a room for you. You can leave tomorrow."

Since it was late and it was almost midnight when she got home, she agreed, "Okay, I'll leave tomorrow."

In front of her, Dylan restrained himself. He stopped crying after a while, but his eyes were red. Ashley had never seen such a look of Dylan. She reached out her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of Dylan eyes. In her mind, she and Dylan were best friends, so she didn't have the sense of gender distinction when she faced Dylan.

Dylan took her hand and checked it. But there was nothing on it. He frowned and asked, "Where is your ring? Why don't you wear it?"

"I don't feel comfortable wearing jewelry. I only wore it for few days and then store it." Then Ashley remembered something and asked, "Haven't your parents come back yet?"

"I have informed them. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning. What's wrong?"

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