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   Chapter 205 to be my girlfriend

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With a big smile, Ashley held the reins tighter to stop the horse. She folded her hands and said, "Mr. Jasper, you are flattering me."

"Female general, you are self-effacing." Jasper laughed heartily.

It was rare to see him laugh brightly. Ashley's heart beat fast. "Mr. Jasper, thank you for your help last night, otherwise its consequence would be unthinkable."

Jasper looked at the woman in front of him. In fact, the main reason why Ashley could save herself from danger was that she was clever. "It's your idea to hide it in the treasure house. If I didn't go there, you would just fall down from it when you turned over. Nothing serious would happen to you."

Hearing what he said, Ashley's face turned red. Indeed, the space of the treasure house wasn't wide enough. She had lost her consciousness. If she moved a little in the coma, she could fall down from it. Although she wouldn't die, it was more than enough to make her crippled.

"I had no choice at that time. I drank the knockout drops and couldn't escape, Io I could only seize the opportunity to hide." Ashley bowed her head and defended herself, "Mr. Jasper, you are really smart. You can even find me even I hided there." Ashley flattered him shyly.

When the girl he loved praised him, Jasper felt so happy. But the horse didn't know its master's mind. It looked as if it was in a hurry to launch an attack. Jasper got off the horse and let the horse go.

Seeing this, Ashley also wanted to dismount, but she was stopped by Jasper. "Sit on it." Jasper said.

The man's hand was wide and warm, which made Ashley's heart beat faster. As soon as Jasper touched the horse, he turned around to pull the reins for his beloved girl.

"There are scenes of horse riding in the costume dramas. It's better for you to practice first now, so you wouldn't need to cram."

Looking at the back of the man holding the horse and his gentle and handsome face in the sunshine, Ashley lied on the back of the horse, with her hands around the horse's neck, and got close to the man and said, "Mr. Jasper, you saved me yesterday, and I haven't reciprocate d you yet."

Hearing her words, Jasper gasped for breath. He turned his head and saw her beautiful face. There was a slight ridicule in the woman's eyes, but more was an intoxicated deep affection. When he saw her eyes, he almost believed that Ashley was satisfied with him.

He was a little bit obsessed as well and asked, "How do you want to reward me?"

They got too close to each other. The woman lying on Brown's back looked so intimate with him. His eyes fixed on her, which made Ashley feel more uneasy than she was drugged last time. She replied, "We had... pledged to marry."

Jasper held the reins tighter.

There should be few men in the world who could resist such a sentence from his sweetheart.

He kept his brain under control and stared at her beautiful eyes and asked, "Do you love me?"

His question was like a basin of cold water pouring down from her head, which made Ashley sober completely. She kne

hide at home, but he still had work every day. Every time when he thought of the negative comments that Sheila had brought to him, his heart would become hard again. He was so eager to divorce such a disgusting woman immediately.

However, no matter how hard his heart was, as soon as he saw the woman's tears, he began to become soft.

Soon after Francis left, Ethan came out of the room and looked at the woman kneeling on the ground with tears on her face. He was angry and pitiful. "What's good about Francis? He doesn't deserve you to beg him like this. Don't you find someone who loves you? It's meaningless to argue with him like this."

"Shut up!" Sheila turned her face and roared, "It's all your fault. If you hadn't lost your control that night and threatened me to continue the relationship with you, how could I end up like this!"

Ethan knew he was in the wrong. He curled his lips but didn't say anything. Anyway, in the current situation, it was inevitable that Sheila and Francis would get a divorce. It was only a matter of time. He had been waiting so long that he didn't mind waiting longer.

He walked up to her and helped her sit on the sofa. Then, he took out a wet towel from the bathroom and wiped the makeup on Sheila face. "Okay, okay. It's all my fault. Don't be angry. You are pregnant now."

After being comforted by this man, Sheila felt a little better. She relaxed himself and lied on the sofa. "I've asked you to pay online water army to defame Ashley. How's going?"

"Don't worry. I did my job well. I had asked someone to write more than ten articles about Ashley to defame her. And the online water army will forward them. Now it is widely discussed on the Internet that Ashley is an evil woman. In order to revenge on her stepmother and sister, she has made trouble on her step-sister's wedding. She is not as innocent as she looks."

"Good job!" Sheila snorted, "You have made me like this. I dare not go out all day long. If I have a hard time, Ashley will be in trouble as well!"

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