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   Chapter 203 The Hero Saved A Beauty

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As soon as Jasper received the text message from Ashley, he knew that things weren't going well. He knew such a stubborn woman. If she could handle it well, she would never ask anyone for help. He called several bodyguards and went directly to where Ashley was. However, it was rush hour and lunch hour. The road condition was not good. Therefore, the more worried he was, the more blocked the road was.

It normally took a twenty minute drive, but it took them more than half an hour to get there. Fortunately, Ashley was still there. He could do nothing but comfort himself that the situation wasn't that bad.

When they arrived at the private restaurant, two bodyguards led the way and stopped a waitress "Are two women coming to have lunch today? Which room are they in?"

The waiter saw them and pointed at a room with trembling hands. "Two women came, and then three men came in that room."

The bodyguard let go of the waitress and turned around to look at Jasper.

With no expression on his face, Jasper answered, "Ring the doorbell."


Alice's clothes were almost torn into pieces. She cried with tears all over her face and her voice was hoarse. There was no one outside to help her. The door of the box was extremely soundproof. As long as it was closed, no other sound could be heard except for the gunshots.

Weldon also revealed a face they had never seen before. They were furious and bloodthirsty, slapping on her face. The louder she screamed, the more excited he was. Alice regretted that she had fallen in love with such a disgusting man. She even thought it was ridiculous that she had a crush on him at first.


She couldn't help but let out a hoarse scream when the feather duster fell on her buttock by Weldon.

When Weldon was about to slap her again, the doorbell rang. He and Jason stopped. After a pause, Alice curled up into a corner, just like a frightened deer.

Peter who had been watching the whole thing stood up, "I'll go to have a look."

Peter walked to the door and saw the man standing outside through a LED screen inside the door. At the sight of Jasper, he was shocked and said, "Weldon, Jasper is outside the door!"

Jason was also shocked. "Why is he here? Did Ashley take him back to revenge?"

"Ashley is not outside." Peter looked again and said with certainty.

"That might probably the drugs haven't taken effect now. Maybe Jasper has known about it. What should we do, Mr. Weldon? Will Jasper kill us all in a fit of anger?" Jason was afraid of Jasper because of his status in this circle. It was said that when Jasper stomped, the whole circle might be trembled.

The other reason was that Jasper was w

nsequences. It was not easy for a person to return to the right way, because the wrong way was always wrong. It was useless to save a person.

He nodded to others and left the room.

In the courtyard, bodyguards came up. "What should we do now, Mr. Jasper?"

"Go and check all the surveillance videos around here to see if Ashley has left or not." Jasper ordered.

"Yes." The bodyguard followed the order and left.

In the private room, after Jasper left, Weldon had been more enraged.

"Alice, you're so disobedient. I think you don't want that role anymore. How dare you ask for help from Jasper?" With these words, he slapped her again.

Alice's body was bitten red. She was trampled into the dust together with her self-esteem and pain. She let out a hoarse groan again.

Jason was still scared. He pinched the woman's arm and said, "Bitch, if Jasper knows that he will take revenge on us, you will be in trouble!"

"Ah!" Alice cried out in pain.

She felt so much pain both physically and mentally. Why did she have to pay such a heavy price to get the role she wanted. She wanted to give up, but she had already paid so much, and she was not reconciled. She could only imagine how she would become red in the future and use these to ease the pain.

Weldon snorted, "You're the first one who dares to offend the producers and directors! I tell you, you can't play that role anymore! "

Alice had been trying her best to put up with his bad temper. She believed that as long as she endured today, everything would be better in the future. But when she heard that Weldon was going to take that role back, all her patience, her bottom line and all the humiliation she had suffered were gone. She suddenly exploded like a volcano that had been depressed for a long time!

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