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   Chapter 202 Show Off And A Trap (Part Four)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10249

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"Ashley, Ashley?" Alice nudged Ashley again to make sure that she was unconscious. And then Alice cheered happily, "great! It's done!"

Then, Alice took out her phone and made a call to Weldon, "hello, Weldon. She has fainted. Come here quickly."

Weldon? From what Alice said, Ashley could tell that there were more than one of them. Who were they? Ashley tried hard to think about what Alice wanted to do. First Alice drugged her and made her unconscious then Alice called several men over. Everyone knew what Alice wanted to.

Ashley estimated how much possibility that she could leave at this time. But to her surprise, she didn't have any chance to escape. At this time, she was weak and dizzy. Although she had some martial arts foundation, it was impossible for her to use it since she was drugged. If she really fought against Alice, she would probably suffer a lot from Alice.

Weldon and two directors were still in the hotel where the crew had stayed. When they received the call from Alice, they were surprised. After all, that person was Ashley, the same level as Aimee! Weldon couldn't believe it when Alice suggested that she could use Ashley to replace her. He didn't expect that the girl could get Ashley.

"Jason, Peter, let's call it today."

A male and female actors were getting an audition under the camera, and Jason was surprised to hear it, "what's wrong, Mr. Weldon? Do you have a good choice?"

With a mysterious smile, Weldon approached them and whispered, "you can choose your favorite actors tomorrow. A big meal are waiting for us now. If we miss it this time, we won't have this good meal in the future."

Peter asked, "what kind of big meal?"

Weldon mouthed, "Ashley."

Both Jason and Peter were shocked by what Weldon saw. Weldon had already sat up straight and said to the two actors in the middle of the room, "the audition today is over. Come here again tomorrow. Vice director, tell the actors and actresses that they have been dismissed and could come back tomorrow."

It was a five minute ride from the hotel to the private restaurant. This was also one of the reasons why Weldon chose the restaurant. It was not far away from the hotel. On the one hand, it was in a good private space. On the other hand, the delicious food and the extraordinary beauty would make them extremely pleasant!

"Mr. Weldon, Ashley's agent is Jasper. Can we do this? If Jasper knows it, I'm afraid that something bad will happen." Peter was driving, and said that worriedly.

Sitting in the back seat, Weldon waved his hand and said, "don't worry. Isn't Ashley fainted? How did she know who did it? Even if she want to find out, the most she can do is to blame it on Alice. We have a video of Alice. I don't think she dares to talk nonsense."

"But..." Peter was still worried.

Weldon said in an impatient tone, "Ashley is just a minor star of Jasper, even if Jasper really knows that it is us who have done this, so what? The female stars in this circle must have slept with some men. Jasper is Ashley's agent, not her fath

just want to be forgiven with a few words. If the whole world as simple as this, and everyone would make mistakes."

From Jason's behavior, Weldon knew that he still thought about Alice. Now that things had come to this, he had already reserved a room and threw his work aside. There was nothing else he could do but let Alice play with them. He thought that Alice would not dare to resist.

Weldon sat down at the table in front of them. He didn't show any anger on his face, instead, he was a little interested in it. "Now that your plan that you let Ashley take the place of you had failed, you can do it yourself. I forgive you for today's mistake."

Alice's face turned pale immediately. No, she couldn't do that! No way!

"Yes, my little babe. I've been thinking about you for a long time. If you can serve us well, everything today will be canceled." Jason couldn't wait to hold the woman into his arms. Alice was scared out of her wits by Jason's sudden move. She pushed the man away reflectively and said, "no, I don't want to!"

"Humph! You will regret it! " Jason gave Alice a slap on her face. Due to the slap from the man, Alice felt burning pain on her face. She covered her face with her hand and stepped back gradually. As Jason approached her, he grabbed Alice's arm and pulled her towards the bed.

Alice violently resisted. Jason slapped her again and said, "the more you resist, the more excited I will be. There are too many gentle women who want to sleep with me and it is interesting that I could rape from time to time. Hahaha."

Weldon's interest was aroused as well. He stood up and waved to Peter then he said to Jason, "Jason, don't just play with yourself..."

The obscene words of the men and the scream of Alice, made Alice feel sick and uncomfortable. Her mind was dizzy because of the drug. After all, her will couldn't be stronger than the drug. She felt that her consciousness was gradually alienated, and those sounds were getting farther and farther away, at last, she could not hear anything.

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