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   Chapter 201 Show Off And A Trap (Part Three)

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"Mr. Jasper, may I have dinner with Alice?" In a private room of the restaurant, Ashley put some food in the bowl of Jasper's and asked for his advice.

"Where are you going for dinner?"

She handed him the address and time in her phone. "Go here."

"This food there is not cheap. Do you have a good relationship? Why would you want to eat here? Or do you have something to talk about?"

"Our relationship... Not very good." Ashley said honestly, "I just want to have a dinner with you, nothing more."

Jasper handed her mobile phone back to her. "If you are not on good terms, she has invited you to this kind of place for dinner that she must have purpose. If you really want to go there, be careful."

Ashley marveled at the judgment of the two men beside her. Hearing what her father said, and so did Jasper, she had to be cautious. "Please rest assured, Mr. Jasper. I will be careful. But I'm not that weak. Normal people can't do anything to me. Alice is a weak girl. I'm sure I'll be fine."

The man shook his head. "The kidnapping incident you were involved in is likely to be done by several artists who had been trained with you together. Alice is the most likely suspect. You'd better be careful when you are with her."

It turned out that Jasper had been doubtful for a long time. He was really able to keep calm and told her after a long time.

"I'm free tonight. Let's go together." The man said suddenly.

"No, no, No. I can handle it." Ashley rejected at once. With Jasper be there, she couldn't even get the information she wants from Alice. What was more, he was a man involved in the dinner between two women. It was inappropriate.

As Jasper who seldom pleased others, Ashley rejected him immediately made him feel a little uncomfortable.

Knowing that Jasper was in a bad temper, Ashley was afraid that she might have irritated him again just now. So she laughed and tried to ease the atmosphere. "If there is really something wrong with me, I will call you. Will you come here to rescue the beauty?"

The man's eyes became deeper. "If I really saved you, how will you repay me?"

"Be your girlfriend?" She said, half true.


At about 7 o'clock in the evening, Ashley and Alice arrived at the restaurant. It was said that the private dishes there were very expensive, just like all the private dishes restaurant, and the restaurant was also hidden in the depths that was very difficult to find. When they entered the gate, they saw a transparent wall made of eaves. There was a hollowed out in the middle of the wall which embedded with square wooden windows. Through the transparent window, people could see the red light behind them.

Surrounding the wall, they could see the whole building's design clearly. There were three walls with a corridor to avoiding the sun, and each of them had three rooms. So in the end, there were only nine rooms for the customers!

Private dishes restaurant was stylish in the upper class, and even Jasper said it was expensive. People liked these restaurants very much, but they only had nine

to see what it looks like."

This reason didn't work, either. Ashley was getting more and more anxious. After they picked up the mint, they asked the waiter to wash it clean.

Ashley was going back and forth had taken more than ten minutes. When Ashley ate some food absentmindedly, she gradually felt a little dizzy. She managed to take her phone out of her bag and shared a position with Jasper. They had agreed to send her location to Jasper if she felt something was wrong.

"What are you doing, Ashley? You're playing with your cell phone while eating." Alice was afraid of that Ashley knew something was wrong and call other people. Then Alice stretched out her hand and tried to grab the cell phone from Ashley.

Ashley responded quickly and put the cell phone back in her pocket instead of her handbag. She laughed and said, "I can't live without my cell phone, so I just want to see if there is someone looking for me. I won't play with it, we can have dinner."

Alice didn't suspect her. The main reason was that the food was too delicious. She had never eaten such a delicious food in her life. She even felt it was a waste of time to talk with Ashley. She had to take this opportunity to eat a lot, and she didn't know when she could eat her again the future.

After eating a few more dishes, Ashley felt more and more dizzy, so she had to stop and hold her head with her hand.

Seeing that the drug began to take effect, Alice put down her chopsticks and stop eating. She called out with curiosity, "Ashley, Ashley? What's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? "

"I feel dizzy..." Ashley murmured, feeling so dizzy and losing her consciousness gradually.

"Are you drunk?" Alice was still doing her job dutifully.

Ashley found that it was difficult for her to think what had happened just now. And meanwhile, she lost her consciousness gradually, bending over the table, pretending to faint. If there was no way to avoid coma, at least she could try to find out what Alice wanted to do with her remaining consciousness.

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