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   Chapter 199 Show Off And Trap

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Ashley and Alice stayed in the ward to look after Samuel. Betty could go home to cook lunch for Samuel when she was free.

The room was very quiet. Because Samuel was asleep, they talked in a low voice. In fact, most of the time, Alice was talking to her.

"I bought this bag in S Mall. There is only S Mall has the new product over the whole city. Look, it's so beautiful. It cost me 35000 dollars."

"Well, it's beautiful, and very creative."

"Is that so?" Alice said smugly, "and this coat, though thin but warm, is made of pure wool. But this one wasn't bought in S Mall, but in FX International Mall. Weldon went with me. He said it looked good on me."

Ashley nodded her head and said, "it's very expensive, isn't it?"

Alice said with a grin, "it's not expensive. Just like my purse, it's only worth more than 30000 dollars. Weldon is very generous to me."

Like a child who found a new world, Alice was thrilled and couldn't wait to show off. During the whole hour, Alice talked about everything happened between her and Weldon, including where she went to play, what she bought and how much she spent. She even talked about the ice cream for a long time.

Listening to the way Alice talked on and on, Ashley felt pity for her. It was a sad thing for a woman who was extremely demanded for a material life, and her own family and ability could not sustain such a desire. Ashley even began to forgive what Alice had done before.

"Ashley, Weldon once took me to a private restaurant for dinner. Although it was very expensive, the dishes there were all very delicious. I want to go there again. Can you go with me? I don't want to go there alone."

"Where is it? It's my treat if it's not far away." Ashley's first response was that Alice wanted to save money so Alice invited her to have dinner with her. This kind of thing had happened countless times before, and Ashley already got used to it.

"Don't look down upon me. It's my treat." Alice rolled her eyes and said, "it is my way to repay you, I would not have known Weldon if it were not for your help."

Ashley was a little confused. According to Hazel, Weldon didn't care much about women in the entertainment circle and even that kind of video had been spread on the Internet. So Weldon couldn't be loyal to Alice. But she could tell from Alice's behavior that she was not lying. Did Weldon begin to have a mistress again? It was not impossible.

"Of course I will go if you treat me." Ashley agreed.

"That's great, just tonight."

Ashley thought of the crime site behind Alice. If Alice had gone well, she would not use the site to clean up a person, which meant that there was still no progress regarding the site. It meant that her mother's case had not been in progress, and there was no evidence to punish Gloria.

"Alice, how's your play going on? Have you decided the date to the crew?" Ashley suggested tentatively.

"Everything goes well. I guess that I will be working in the crew of the movie very soon. As y


When Henry got out of Jasper's office, he was still puzzled. Jasper didn't have lunch appointment today and his good friends weren't in the city recently.

He knocked on the secretary's desk. "Do you think that Mr. Jasper is in a good mood today?"

Holding her chin with one hand, the secretary said, "you're right. He starts to speak with modal particle. In the past, he always used declarative and imperative sentence."

"But why?"

The secretary smiled and pushed him forward. "I don't care why he is happy. If Mr. Jasper is in a good mood, we can also have a good time."

Henry nodded, then shook his head. He clutched his nonexistent beard and said, "no, I have to know clearly about the way to make Mr. Jasper happy. It will be good for my future work, and I will be less scolded."

The secretary looked at the handsome Henry with admiring eyes and praised him, "sure enough, you are worthy of being a special assistant. You can put your heart in this kind of superficial environment, which is really not something we can compare with. Please let me help you with that. I'm willing to die without regret."

"Well, good. You have the courage. Come with me."

The secretary turned off the computer and hid with Henry in the team leader's office room, which was opposite to Jasper's office. The office room was a small room, similar to an independent office. It was only a little smaller and there was no door.

They waited in the office for less than ten minutes, and saw a woman in a knitted hat and a thick scarf around her neck knocked on the door and entered the office of Jasper. Then Jasper and the woman walked out of the office side by side in less than ten minutes. To their surprise, Jasper, who had never smiled a bit in the company, talked to that woman with smile.

Both Henry and the secretary were stunned.

The secretary turned her head back with difficulty and asked, "what? Henry, is that possible?"

The woman they had met this morning was exactly Ashley.

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