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   Chapter 196 Tempest After The Wedding

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After finishing his work, Francis drove Sheila and the villa of Fang family. All over her body, except for her underwear, Gloria only wore a long down-filled coat, which made Sheila feel a little wet. She seemed to start bleeding again. She didn't intend to have the baby in the first place, so she didn't pay much attention to eating, drinking and sexual intercourse. She had several blood signs before and she didn't care much about it.

In the rearview mirror, a mother and a daughter were sitting silently. Francis stopped the car at the door of Fang's house, wondering what they were thinking.

He didn't want to care about their thoughts now. Before he came out, his parents had repeatedly asked him to divorce with Sheila. He no longer had any feelings for Sheila. If he had any feelings for her, it was still hatred and anger.

"Give me your black card." Francis turned around and looked at Sheila.

Sheila raised her head frightenedly and answered, "Okay, I'll take it to you right now."

She grabbed her purse aside and took out her wallet from it. She took out a black card from the wallet and handed it to Francis.

Seeing the frightened look on the woman's face, Francis felt a little distressed. He put the black card into his pocket and said, "I don't want the bride price. It's also the compensation for what they did to you at the wedding today. There is no common property between us that needs to be graded. You can go home to get the marriage certificate. And we're going to the Civil Affairs Bureau to divorce."

When Sheila heard this, a look of horror appeared on her face. "No! no I won't divorce you. All I have done is for you. I can't divorce you! "

With his eyebrows tightly knitted, Francis said, "You'd better not to play gooseberry, Sheila. Don't struggle like you used to be. Go get the marriage certificate, and we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce!"

"No, no, No. I don't want it!" Sheila resisted hard with her hands over her head.

"Don't push her too hard, Francis. She has already been frightened enough at the wedding today," With these thoughts in her mind, Gloria could not help but feel sorry for her daughter. Taking her into her arms, she said, "I will persuade her to divorce you later. You should go back first. Sheila is in a mental state now and it is not suitable for her to see other people. You can come back another day."

Seeing that Sheila didn't look like lying, Francis's heart softened when he thought of what happened today. "Well, I will come back another day and please try to persuade her, Auntie Gloria."

"Don't worry. I will persuade her." Gloria promised.

Gloria helped Sheila get out of the car. As they were both scantily dressed, the winter wind made them shiver. Then they hurried into the house.

"Oh my God! You've taken off your clothes Wow Really taken off You've already shown it God... "

"Didn't you say it cost you more than one hundred thousand? It's a

ike this!"

But this time, Gloria didn't listen to whatever Sheila said. She helped Sheila get back to her room to have a rest and cleaned up the blood stains on her body. Then she went to the next room and made a call to Ethan.

Ethan had been busy with work and didn't have the habit of checking on the phone, so he didn't know what had happened. He was surprised to receive a call from Gloria. Today was the wedding day of Sheila and Francis. He didn't want to go to the wedding, so he arranged the work schedule specially.

"Hello, Auntie Gloria."

"Ethan, come and see Sheila. She is bleeding heavily and seems to be about to miscarriage. She is pregnant with your baby. Come and see her!"

Ethan stood there, feeling surprised and unbelievable, but also frightening at the same time. "Okay, auntie, don't worry. Which hospital is Sheila in? I'll be there soon!"

"Sheila is unwilling to go to the hospital and she stays at home now. I have no way to deal with her. Come and have a look!"

Without asking what had happened, Ethan left the stunned staffs and ran out. He drove to the direction of Fang's house, while calling a friend's private hospital, telling his friend to quickly arrange an obstetrician to wait for Sheila.

Gloria was anxiously waiting at the door, waiting for more than half an hour before Ethan came.

"Auntie, where is Sheila?" Ethan was looking around in panic.

"Sheila is in the upstairs room."

After hearing her words, Ethan quickly ran upstairs. At this time, Sheila had already laid down on the bed. Seeing Ethan come in, she shouted and threw out the pillow and the doll. "Get out! I don't want to see you!"

After being hit several times by the soft stuff, Ethan was deeply grieved. He sat on the bedside and said, "Don't worry. I have called the doctor over. He will be here soon. You'll be fine."

"I wish I miscarriage the baby. I don't want it anymore. It's all his fault!" Sheila punched her belly again and again.

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