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   Chapter 194 Compensate Me With A Girlfriend

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Ashley was almost full after she finished the steak. Her depression and annoyance, as well as the feeling of fullness, had gradually faded away. She took a small piece of dessert by fork and put it in her mouth. The sweet but not greasy taste and smooth taste immediately relieved her whole heart.

Noticing that the dessert was quickly finished by Ashley, Jasper pushed the dessert in front of him towards her.

Looking at the dessert that was pushed over, Ashley felt a little embarrassed. Before she could say anything, she saw someone coming over from the corner of her eyes. A woman's sixth sense told her that it was Sara who came over even if she didn't look up.

The closer Sara got to her, the more she thought Ashley was the woman in the mall. They looked so alike in temperament and figure. But it didn't make any sense. The woman she saw that day looked different and was not about the same age with Ashley.

Her gaze made Ashley a little uncomfortable. She pulled the dessert closer to her, pretended that she didn't know anything, and then lowered her head to thank him, "Thank you, Mr. Jasper."

"You're welcome. It is said that eating sweet food will make you happy. If you like it, have more."

These thoughtful words sounded particularly harsh to Sara. She finally came close to them. Sara stopped at the table, looked at Jasper and said calmly, "What a coincidence! You're having dinner here with your friend too."

As Jasper raised his head, he was caught by surprise and shock. After all, she was his ex-girlfriend. However, he became calm soon. Standing up with a smile, Jasper said, "What a coincidence! Are you with your boyfriend?"

"No, I'm not." A mild smile appeared on Sara's face. She felt a little proud and elated. "I'm with my fiance. I'm engaged."

Jasper opened his mouth slightly and looked at the other direction of the restaurant, then he saw the man waiting there alone. When the man saw that Jasper was looking at him, he nodded slightly, so did Jasper.

"Congratulations! He looks gentle."

"Thank you." Sara looked at Ashley sitting on the chair and said, "Didn't you always stay away from your artists in our company? Why did you make an exception this time? Is it because Ashley is too beautiful?"

"Yes, she is an exception."

Ashley couldn't sit still any more, she stood up and said, "Nice to meet you, Sara."

"Hello." Sara looked her up and down with her sharp eyes and went on, "Ashley, I am quite familiar with your dress. Where did you buy it? I seem to have seen it before."

"It's been so long, I don't remember where I bought it."

"I see." Sara turned to Jasper, "In the past six months, have your parents ever come back?"

Hearing Sara's question, Jasper frowned in confusion. He didn't understand why Sara suddenly asked about his parents. "No, they have been traveling abroad and haven't come back for the past half a year."

"Really? Then it would be so strange." Sara said with a smile, "Before we b

ded, "yes."

"So now I am alone, is it because of you?"

She frowned. What he said was right, but it was also wrong. How could things between the two people have anything to do with her. However, considering that Jasper was probably still angry, Ashley thought that it was better not to provoke him, so she nodded and said, "Yes."

"If so, should you compensate me with a girlfriend?"

Ashley's heart thumped violently. She couldn't believe what she had heard, and was afraid that she had misheard. "Mr. Jasper, what... What do you mean? "

Jasper touched his nose and felt a little embarrassed. It was the first time that he had made such a request to a woman. He was so mean. "I mean, I'm a little bored without anyone to accompany me these days. Can you stay with me for a while?"

Thinking of that, Ashley put her hands on her shoulders suddenly and said, "Mr. Jasper, you have never meddle with your artists, have you... I still want to have a relationship. I can't accompany you! "

Jasper said, with a helpless smile, "What are you thinking about? Do I look like man lacking in women?"

A little embarrassed, Ashley put down her hand and said, "I'm sorry, I'm a little allergic. Then what do you mean by that, Mr. Jasper?"

"Well, except for the thing in your mind, everything else..." Frowning, Jasper thought for a while. "Please give me a cup of water or..."

'Most of my time is on work. I don't need anyone to accompany. It's always I take time to accompany the others, ' He thought. He thought it over and over and couldn't think of anything to ask Ashley to do for him.

"I'm just bored. You just need to find a way to make me less bored." Concluded by Jasper.

"Okay," Ashley nodded thoughtfully. It could be said that Jasper had been boring for a long time. Since she knew him, it had been proved that this man had always felt bored. "Okay, I got it. How long will we stay here?"

"Please accompany me till I have my next girlfriend." Jasper replied.

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