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   Chapter 189 Desire, Anger And Ignorance

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10769

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"What kind of tea is it? Is it tasty?" Dylan was nitpicking.

"It's Tie..."

"Fill my cup too." Jasper interrupted.

After pouring the tea for Dylan, Ashley quickly refilled another cup for Jasper and continued to answer, "it's Tie Guanyin, a good quality tea. It's the fresh tea of this autumn. Have a taste."

Dylan took a sip and felt it was not bad. He put down the tea and took a bite of cold slice beef. "When is the good play you are talking about begin?"

Hearing that, Ashley could not help but tremble. She thought, 'bro, please don't say that in front of Jasper.'

As she expected, Jasper raised his head and was peeling the melon seed, he looked at Ashley and asked, "what is the good play?"

Ashley wanted to pretend to be a good person in front of Jasper, so she stared at Dylan and complained quietly, "I asked you to come here to see a play, or to make a mess!"

Dylan blinked his big innocent eyes. He was handsome and innocent, which made Ashley unwilling to stare at him.

When the two looked at each other as if what they had just said was a secret between them, Jasper suddenly couldn't bear it. Feeling jealous and flustered, he threw the unfinished melon seeds back to the plate.

"I need to use the washroom!"

Obviously, he was angry.

"Mr. Jasper." Ashley stood up in a hurry.

Dylan grabbed her arm. "What are you doing when Jasper is in the bathroom? Can you help him?"

"Shame on you, Dylan! What are you talking about?" His words made her blush. She pushed his hand away and cursed in a low voice.

With a mischievous smile in his eyes, Dylan said, "can you help him wash his hands? He can, of course, do that. You think too much. Why do you keep swearing at me?"

The man's teasing smile almost pissed her off. If it weren't for the guests around, she would have punched him.

Afraid that she would be annoyed, Dylan pulled her back to her seat and said gently, "I was just kidding. Don't be so serious. Have a seat. I'm going to the bathroom, too. And I can also check if Jasper is angry. If he is, I will coax him back for you.

"Go ahead!" Ashley got Dylan up and pushed him out.

"Hey, hey, what's the rush? I'm going..."

Jasper washed his hands with cold water. The cold water in winter was particularly cold, which could pierce people's skin to bone. After washing his hands, he wiped them with a tissue and then walked to the corridor outside the washroom. He took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket and was about to light the cigarette when he saw the cigarette monitor on the ceiling.

The cigarette was in his mouth, and his hand took the lighter dropped slowly.

Those who had no desire were the most strongest. When he had desire, he had nothing but greed. When he couldn't get her, he became anger and then he fell into infatuated love. He couldn't bear the fact that Ashley just exchanged a look with others. Then how could he face her banter with others or hug with others in the future.

"Why are you standing here? Don't you feel cold here? " Dylan walked to him.

"I want smoke a cigarette." Jasper said and lifted his finger.

Dylan took a look at the cigarette and the cigarette monitor on the ceiling, then he said wi

ne to me was too much."

He felt itchy and asked, "what's the trick?"

Ashley almost leaned on his shoulder. In order to keep her balance, she used one hand to support his arm. Afraid that she might fall unsteadily, Jasper reached out his hand to support her, but because of the darkness, he held her hand by mistake.

Her body trembled a little. As Jasper held her hand tightly, he asked again, "what's the trick?"

They were so close to each other that their breathing was so ambiguous that it made their hearts beat so fast like the drum. The memory of the night when they at the restaurant for couples' memory came forth suddenly. Ashley's brain was blank.

"Jasper..."" She murmured with sadness and wanted to pull herself back. She was afraid that she would fall into the abyss again.

"…… Yes. " However, what responded her was only a man's gentle tone.

Was it really meaningful to endure? The pines had bloomed once in thousands of years, and the life of a moth which only had ten days of life would fly into the fire for it wasn't afraid of death. She could do nothing even if she took one step forward. What if she told him that he had kissed him when she was sober? Then what?

His breath was the devil in her heart. Step by step, it tried to induce her to close her eyes and slowly step forward, just like the moth that only had ten days of life. It knew it would die, but it threw himself into the fire regardless of the consequences.

As Jasper came closer, his heart beat faster and faster. He didn't dare to move or breathe, for fear of disturbing this precious moment.

"Please the bride and groom to exchange the rings!"

The host's voice was loud from the loudspeaker. Ashley was suddenly waken up. She pushed Jasper away and retreated!

The plates on the table hit each other, creating a "Ding" sound. Dylan turned on the flashlight and looked at her. "What's wrong? What did you bump into? Are you okay?"

Ashley shook her head. Her voice was still trembling, "no... It's okay. The light was too dim so I didn't put the tableware down. I'm fine."

Dylan turned off the light and said, "that's great."

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