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   Chapter 188 come to the rescue

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Out of sheer boredom, Jasper looked at the direction where Ashley was and wondered what she and June were talking about. The two girls were laughing as they were talking. Even from such a distance, he could hear her laughter.

"…… The new interns of our company are also the same. They sit at their own desk all day long and play with their mobile phones if they aren't assigned tasks."

"Young people nowadays are all so weak and feeble. In our times, we were taught to 'fighting for the best.'" These young generation were so naive, how would the economy of the society be improved? Do you agree with me, Mr. Jasper?"

Not long after Jasper sat down, many businessmen approached him and quickly formed a circle around his seat. All the people present were the senior executives of their respective companies. It was unknown who had started the topic of internship.

"It seems that the economy is affected, but it is a good phenomenon from the aspect of social stability. If there is less conflicts, the society will be more harmonious." Jasper continued.

Another person nodded and said, "yes. However, the phenomenon of life in China was still in the cradle. The reason why her attitude of living habits was that it was fixed at higher levels. China's case hasn't been completely closed. There is still a chance that some lower class people have a chance to rise. Judging from the interns in our company, half of the people have a chance to rise... "

Jasper unlocked her phone, found Ashley's name and dialed the number.

While Ashley and June were talking about some interesting things in their circle, her phone rang, "Hello, Mr. Jasper." What's up? "

On the other side, Jasper didn't put his phone on his ear or say anything. He seemed to be seriously discussing the stratum with the senior executives. Ashley responded to him for several times, but he didn't respond at all.

"Maybe he made the call by mistake." June said, "He is chatting with those people happily, isn't he? It must be a wrong call."

Looking at a group of people in the distance, Ashley found that Jasper was in the center of the crowd and he didn't look like making a phone call. Perhaps he really made a mistake, so Ashley hung up the phone.

"And then, let's talk about Alice. What happened later?"

"I heard from Hazel that Alice then left the hotel with Weldon. On that night, her pornography video was spread. The director and scriptwriter had one copy each."

"Well, well. That is 'A wicked person will be harassed by another of like ilk'." June sighed and shook her head. She continued, "Those mistresses seduced men, but they played hard to get. Alice is a real bitch. The more active she was, the less valuable she was. Do you know how cruel Weldon is? He spread the video on the same day. Alice will be trampled upon at will in the future."

"Hazel later said the same. Although there is no news yet, I think it will be a big move in a short time..." The mobile phone on the table rang again. Ashley took it and h

they scare you, Dylan?"

"Of course not. I'm used to it." Dylan replied with a smile, "Uncle and aunt, please go ahead with your work. I'll sit with my friends there."

"Okay. Dylan, please feel free to contact us if you need anything,"


Dylan looked around and at the window on the right. Seeing that Ashley was waving at him, he smiled genuinely. He walked over with a smile and sat down next to Ashley. When she was about to tease her, he looked up and saw Jasper sitting opposite.

"Hello, Jasper."

"My parents and uncle Tim are good friends. They were abroad and didn't come back. So I have to attend Francis's wedding," answered Jasper, who was cracking seeds wearily.

A handful of melon seeds had been piled up in the plate in front of him, and the melon seed shell has also been piled up in the shape of a hill in another plate. Jasper pushed the plate with melon seeds to the front of Ashley.

Seeing this, Dylan's face turned pale in an instant. He could not understand why Jasper treated Ashley in such a weird way. 'Why did he shell melon seeds for Ashley? Did he do that for Ashley just for his concern about his artist? 'No, no, He won't care so much about her. He is so intimate, ' he thought.

In front of Dylan, Ashley felt embarrassed to accept the sunflower seeds. She looked at the plate in front of her and smiled somewhat sheepishly. "Mr. Jasper, you don't have to help me. I can peel it myself."

"I'm bored. You don't have to feel embarrassed." However, Jasper didn't care at all. He wiped his hands with a towel and then asked, "How's your grandmother, Dylan?"

Dylan shook his head and answered, "I'm afraid she is on the point of death."

Jasper nodded, did not show too much emotion, and did not say anything to comfort Dylan. Ashley knew he had a different view of life and death from other people. Being afraid of being misunderstood by Dylan, she stood up to help Dylan change the topic, "Drink tea first. You have to drive home later. Don't drink."

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