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   Chapter 187 Getting Married

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"It's... Looking at the direction of Jasper, Ashley didn't know how to introduce the woman to Jasper, not to mention that she didn't want to introduce the woman to Jasper.

"Hey, are you an idiot or not?" June patted the woman's arm and said, "they are a couple. How can you ask Ashley to introduce you to Jasper?"

"It's impossible. Everybody knows that Jasper doesn't get close to any of his stars. They can't be together." The woman refused bluntly, "Ashley, you..."

"I have something to talk with Ashley. You two go ahead," June interrupted the woman in white and walked out of the crowd, holding Ashley's arm and left.

The woman in white dress looked at their backs and felt a little disappointment. Alas! I haven't finished yet. Just wait for me to finish my words... "

"It's getting dark after you finish your words." June made fun of the woman as she walked. Then, June and Ashley went to a quiet corner. June sat down and sighed, "I'm so tired. Those women are so annoying."

There were only tableware and bottles of water in the table since the customer hadn't arrived yet. Ashley unscrewed the bottle of water and handed it to her, "drink some water."

June drank some water to moisten her throat and said, "I wouldn't bother to those photos if I knew you would come. You didn't know how early I came. It took me a lot of money to buy off the backstage supporter. You have to repay me, ten percent more of the profits."

Ashley knew she was in the wrong, so she quickly promised, "can the pictures be played? Can anything happen?"

"Don't worry. I can handle it."

Since June was always a reliable person, Ashley trusted her ability. But Ashley just thought too much of it, she couldn't help asking some more questions. Looking around, Ashley said, "by the way, I think Dylan has been invited, but why hasn't he come yet? Did you see him? "

"I don't see him." June shook her head and said, "he is a friend of Francis at work. I don't know much about Dylan."

It would be a great pity that Dylan didn't show up. He had helped her a lot as he had been dying to see the drama. Now that the show was about to begin, he was not present. After thinking for a while, Ashley called Dylan. He had always been in a bad mood since his grandmother was seriously ill. It would be nice if he could come out to relax.

Dylan was reading a book on the sofa. The cat was curled up on his stomach. When his cell phone vibrated, he just turned a page. He sighed on the page of the book and brought the phone on the coffee table back. It was Ashley. He was surprised that she hadn't called him for a long time.

"Hello, Ashley. What's wrong?"

"It's Francis' wedding today. Have you received the invitation? I didn't see you there," said Ashley on the phone.

Dylan thought for a while. It seemed that an invitation was sent to his home in the city center, and the servant sent the invitation to his villa in the countryside. However, he was not in the mood to open it, so he didn't open it. Holding the old kitten aside, Dylan put on his

Bright hit Francis's shoulder.

"Knock it off," Francis said grumpily and pushed Bright away.

"Got it." Bright called the brothers. "Buddies, let's go. Go to call the door."

A group of men rushed towards the door.

Sheila was sitting in her room while her sisters was waiting for the money at the door. All the money was flushed out. Then Francis and his friends rushed into Sheila's room.

"Nice to meet you, sister-in law!"


Sheila blushed with shyness. She cast a quick glance at Francis and then lowered her head, which attracted many girls to surround her. "Don't worry. You haven't put on her shoes yet. The bridegroom needs to find shoes to put them on bride before he takes her away."

Bright waved his hand and he said, "we're in a hurry. Tell us how many money you want and hand over the shoes!"

The girls giggled and said, "just give each of us ten thousand."

"10000! You are made of gold!" Bright waved his hand again, he beckoned his men back. "Surround them. Torture them and ask where the shoes are!"

All of a sudden, the room was filled with laughter and screams.

Francis walked over and sat next to Sheila. "You look very beautiful today."

Sheila raised her red cheeks and asked, "really?"

"Of course."

"Francis! Don't just whisper to each other. Ask the bride where her shoes are. Hurry up to find the shoes and take her away. Don't delay the time."

"You can't just let go these men so easily, Sheila, don't tell him... Ah, let go of me... What are you doing?"

Sheila grabbed Francis's arm and pointed at the vase in the corner. Francis knew what she meant and he stood up from his seat, walked to a corner, took out flowers from the vase and found a pair of high heels.

"You traitor, Sheila. You shouldn't tell this to him. It's too good for Francis!"

"That's right. We should give him a hard time since he haven't found it himself!"

Bright took out a pile of money from behind. No one complained immediately and all of them followed him to grab the money.

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