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   Chapter 186 The Invitation To The Wedding

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10429

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"Dad, I just heard about it. You know that Sheila had pretended to be pregnant before, so it's not surprising what she did this time."

Samuel knew that Sheila was ridiculous, so after listening to his daughter's words, he instantly made countless guesses in his mind. Samuel took a deep breath and said, "you can tell me now, unless I am dead, I will know it sooner or later."

Ashley said. "Sheila's baby is not Francis's."

While waiting at the door, Gloria wanted to hear what the two people were talking about, but she couldn't hear anything because of the low voice and the sound insulation of the door.

In the ward, after listening to Ashley, Samuel took a long sigh of relief. "Go ahead. I want to be alone."

"Dad, there might be some people making trouble at the wedding. You'd better stay at hospital while you're sick." Ashley suggested.

Samuel closed his eyes, "I know. Don't worry."

Ashley really wanted to ask him if he regretted, if he felt guilty about her and her mother. But when she saw his gray hair and thin face, she said nothing and left the ward with her bag.

Hearing the footsteps in the door, Gloria quickly walked away to put on a calm posture. Ashley walked out with a bag in her hand, without looking at Gloria.

"Ashley, what did you say to your father?"

Ashley didn't want to tangle with Gloria any more. She kept walking, pretending she didn't hear anything. In fact, Gloria was upset by the heritage arrangement recently. It was hard for Gloria to accept the fact that Ashley took two thirds of the heritage all by herself! Gloria blocked Ashley's way in a hurry. "Is it about the legacies?" Ashley! You are an asshole! You cheated your father to give you so many money and stocks. Shame on you!"

Upon hearing this, Ashley sneered. She turned to stare at Gloria and said, "Auntie Gloria, you are used to yelling at me like this. Don't you know that the situation has changed now? There is nothing in your hand that can threaten me."

With blue veins stood out on her forehead, Gloria pointed at Ashley and yelled, "it was you! It was you who sent people to kidnap me, wasn't it?"

"Kidnapping? What are you talking about? I don't know." Ashley really didn't know how did Henry deal with Gloria. With a smile on her face, Ashley said, "Auntie Gloria, I hope you can be polite to me in the future. You really pissed me off. If I make the matter public, you and Sheila will have a hard time in the future."

Gloria trembled with anger, "how dare you!"

"I really don't know who gave you the confidence, do you think I am a teenager who can't fight back?" With a scornful smile, Ashley pushed Gloria's shoulder away and said, "I've grown up. I'll repay you and Sheila's help for all these years."

After that, Ashley ignored her and left the hospital with her head high.

Gloria stood still. At that moment, she really realized that Ashley had changed a lot. It was the first time she felt nervous in front of Ashley, and she even... Scared.

The streets in winter looked desolate. The residential areas and schools on both sides of the road were empty. In

any more. Excessive love would cost a lot of energy. Somehow, Ashley had an epiphany at this moment. She felt it unnecessary. It didn't matter whether it was right or wrong.

Just like it said "most problems are solved with a smile."

"Francis, it's time to pick up you bride. What? " The man who previously drank with her ran towards from another direction. "Ashley, you are here, so is Jasper. Both of you are rare guests. Why does it like that you make an appointment today?"

"Come on, Bright, let's go. You told me to pick up the bride. We can talk later." "Well, please have a seat at your will. I'm sorry that I have to leave you two alone," Francis said as he pulled Bright back.

Then they ran away.

Their seats were for four people. The two of them sat down by the window. Before they could take a rest, Ashley heard someone calling her name in the front, "Ashley! Ashley!"

She followed the direction and saw that it was June.

Ashley put her coat and bag on the chair and said, "Mr. Jasper, I just want to have a small talk with my friend. I'll be back soon."

"Go ahead." Jasper nodded.

June was surrounded by a large crowd of people, including the woman in blue who tried to defend Ashley last time. But today she was in a white dress.

"Ashley, didn't you say that you wouldn't come because you didn't receive the invitation?" The former lady in blue was now the girl in white, "if I were you, I wouldn't have come even if they gave me the invitation. It would bother me to see my ex-husband and my sister get married."

"Divorce is the past. I have already let it go." "Sheila didn't give me the invitation. I just wanted to have a look, so I came in with the invitation of someone else." Ashley explained.

"Someone else's invitation? Who's invitation?" June winked and asked, "is it the invitation from your boss?"

The woman in white dress exclaimed with admiration in her eyes, "oh my God! Is it true that you and Jasper are close to each other? I really like him, but he is always too cold to approach. Can you introduce him to me?"

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