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   Chapter 185 Going To The Hospital

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Jasper said, putting down the documents in his hands. Then he pointed to the chair opposite him and said, "sit down."

"What's wrong, Jasper?" Flora asked, as she sat down opposite Jasper.

"Flora, you have been with me for three years, right?" With his body leaning against the seat, Jasper answered.

"More than three years. I have followed you the second year you return to the company."

"It's been three years. You know what? I have many stars, they come and go. But you are the one who follow me for the longest time. Do you know why?"

Although he said these words peacefully, Flora sensed there was something wrong in his tone. But she didn't dare to say anything to displease Jasper, so she had to answer his question politely, "because I'm not so close to you as other female artists."

"Anything else?"

Flora bit her lips, "and I don't violated any of the company's management rules."

"Although sometimes you are a little capricious and incompetent, you have been working very hard over the years, and following the company's orders, so I keep you by my side." Looking at the woman who lowered her head, Jasper said, "I hope you can be the same as before. If you have extra time, I hope you can focus on your work instead of fighting against the company's other artists. Can you understand?"

Flora lowered her head and replied with respect, "yes, I know."

"The appearance of Ashley will not affect your development. What you deserve is still yours, so you are not enemies. The artists who had been with me before will be a lesson for you if this happens again."

"Yes," replied Flora, trembling with fear.

Probably because of the winter, Sheila's wedding was not in the outdoor, but in the Rome hall where the flower house was located. It took about an hour to set out from Zhan family's house.

After breakfast, Ashley went to her bedroom to choose clothes. She had been to various activities recently, and bought a lot of evening dresses. Her wardrobe used to be unfilled with clothes but now it was filled with clothes of different styles.

The reason why she attended the wedding was that she wanted to witness the retribution of Sheila. So she didn't wear jewelry, and she only needed to wear proper clothes. She opened the wardrobe, and finally chose the red chiffon skirt that Dylan bought her. This dress was thermal and joyous, and she wore a pair of high heels.

"Dong Dong." Someone was knocking at the door. Ashley walked to open the door in her high heels, and she couldn't help smiling when she saw the person. "Mr. Jasper, you got ready. Come in and have a seat."

Jasper walked in and sat on the sofa. He looked at her up and down and then stared at a part of her leg that was exposed. "Do you wear too little clothes?"

"I think the wedding is going to be held in the room. Since Sheila is dressed in a thin wedding dress, the temperature inside the room won't be low. It's a good to wear this." She stood in front of the dressing mirror in the wardrobe and looked at herself in the mirror, tidying up her hair with her fingers, trying to see if it was folded well or

ve well."

"I don't agree with their marriage and I also think they are not suitable for each other. But I have no idea what to do. No parents can win their children in the world. If she really likes Francis, what can I do?" Speaking of this, Samuel complained all the time, "you and your sister seem to be possessed by ghosts. What's so good about that guy named Francis who keeps changing his mind?"

"So I don't like Francis anymore. Dad, don't digress. We are talking about your business. You can see through everything. Why do you have to go to the wedding?" "Every time Sheila does something she can do and every time she makes you angry to death, you don't have to suffer any more." Ashley reminded him.

Samuel knew that his daughter didn't want him to attend the wedding for his own good. So she tried to persuade him a lot in the past, but no father didn't show up in his daughter wedding. He couldn't be cured either. The most important thing for him now was to make sure that he wouldn't miss his daughter's wedding. Missing his daughter's wedding was a lifelong regret, and he didn't want it to be a pity at the end of his life.

"Ashley, don't try to persuade me. I have to go."

"But if there is something wrong with this wedding, you can't be angry." "After all, you know, Sheila is not a good person. When her lies will be exposed and embarrass you, you can't be angry."

Samuel could tell from Ashley's tone that something was wrong. "Ashley, do you know anything?"

At this moment, Ashley couldn't tell what she was thinking. She wanted to hide from Samuel because he was ill, but she also wanted to tell him the truth. Even though Samuel had been incurably sick, the dark corner of her heart was still moving. She wanted to let Samuel know what kind of people the mother and daughter really were, and see what kind of scumbags he had exchanged by abandoning his mother!

She wanted him to regret, to see how the mother and daughter set up his own daughter, and to let him know all her hardships over these years were caused by the mother and daughter!

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