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   Chapter 183 Complaint (Part Two)

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Henry saw that Jasper was not in good mood, with his elbow on the table and his face full of disgust and irritation.

"Mr. Jasper... Yes... Is there a problem?" Henry asked cautiously.

"Why do you have to ask me? Don't you know the problem of your own report?"

Boss, I was wrong. I'll kneel down to you. Can't you forgive me? When will such a day come to an end?" No matter he did well or bad in work, he would be scolded anyway. No matter what he did, as long as someone stood in front of Jasper, that one would get scolded...

"I think... I did a good job." Henry was miserable.

"If you did a good job. Why are you still standing here?"

"Yes, yes, sir. I'm leaving right now. Please call me if you need any help." Henry, got relieved and ran out of Jasper's office immediately.

As soon as Flora entered the company building, she saw Henry wiping the sweat off his forehead and coming out of Jasper's office. She covered her mouth with a hand and said with a smile, "you are being scolded again."

"You are here. How could you come here at this late hour?" Henry put down his sweaty hand and returned to his usual reserved manner as the special assistant of the president.

"I'm here to bring some night snack to Mr. Jasper. He has been off duty late recently. Don't starve him." Flora signaled her assistant behind her to bring the midnight snack and said, "Henry, would you like to join us?"

"No, thanks." Henry smiled and thought, he won't go in there. He had been scolded. So he said, " I ate too much at night, I am full now so I won't go in."

"All right." Flora wanted to do this was to pretend to be respectful. She didn't want Henry to eat with them. If Henry went in with her, it was impossible for her to tell on and make coquetry to Jasper. As soon as she took the night snack from her assistant, Flora knocked at the door. Someone said, "come in!" Then she came in with the night snack, "Jasper, I bring you some night snack. Please have some."

Although there was no expression on his face, Jasper replied calmly, "well, put it on the table. I'll eat later."

Flora took the package and put it on the table. Then she opened the package and said, "I just finished my work. When I passed by a good seafood restaurant, I asked someone to take out some dishes. I know that recently you got off work late, so I felt bored to have dinner alone, so I brought it to the company. You won't blame me for coming without invitation, right?"

The extra work that Jasper had arranged was non-existent, so there was no disturbing. He was really bored in the office the whole day. And it was just the right time for changing his mood since Flora had come. Closing the file, Jasper stood up and asked, "how's the work?"

When Flora saw Jasper sit opposite her, she walked over and sat beside him with a smile. She held his arm and said, "everything goes well. What do you want to eat, Jasper? I'll help you."

Jasper pulled his arm out, pointed at the sofa opposite to him, a

what she was fighting for. If he didn't trust her anymore, what was the meaning of her efforts?

"If you really can't reconcile yourself to the defeat, what do you think if I ask Ashley to come and confront you?"

Flora was speechless now. What she did today was just to make Jasper think that she had been wronged. Once he called Ashley over, everything she did would be in vain.

"Flora, don't play such a small trick on me." Jasper stared at the woman on the sofa without emotion and said, "you've known me for a long time, so you should know what I hate the most. Conflicts and partiality are what I hate most!""

Flora's face was as pale as ashes, and she couldn't say a word.

Jasper was eager to quit arguing with her and go back home. He opened the door and called out Henry, "clean the office and get off work. You don't need to drop me off today."

"Yes, sir." Henry replied with great respect.

In an instant, Jasper put on an overcoat, picked up his mobile phone and the car key and left his office. When Henry looked at the seafood on the tea table, and then at Flora, who was sitting numbly on the sofa, Henry realized that she had irritated Jasper.

He walked over and helped to cover the lunch box. "Mr. Jasper is in a bad mood recently. You don't have to be too depressed. The people in our company have been scolded everyday."

"Henry, I just said something bad about Ashley. How could he react like that?" Flora said dejectedly.

Henry blinked his eyes and realized that Flora was referring to Ashley, one of the targets of Jasper, "Well, I don't know. It's late. You'd better go home and have a rest. Don't think too much. Didn't the boss punish you. He is just in a bad mood recently. No matter who he met, he scolded him or her. Don't take it to heart."

Having lost her soul, Flora nodded her head. Her assistant came in and helped her take the take out.

On the way back home, Jasper parked his car in the garage. But he stopped when he was about to enter.

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