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   Chapter 182 Complaint

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Jamie whispered in her ear, "There are all bystanders and cameras here. No matter how angry you are, don't break up with her. And remember to smile whenever you shoot."

Ashley didn't look well. She nodded, "I know."

The other two groups had also finished the competition. Everyone was laughing and joking with each other. Flora and Ashley went on the stage one after another. When the host saw them, he gathered them in the middle of the stage. "The props are ready, and I'm waiting for you."

Ashley looked at the middle of the table and found a long and thin ruler. Flora ran to the table and picked it up, pointing at Ashley, "Ha ha, I'll take your life, bitch!"

While saying that, she ran to Ashley and wanted to hit her. At that moment, Ashley couldn't get angry, so she pinched Flora's wrist. Feeling hurt, Flora loosened her grip on the ruler in a hurry. But Ashley quickly grabbed it from her hand and used it to hit her. "Hahaha, you little bitch. I'll kill you too!"

Flora was lightly dressed, and Ashley whipped the ruler hard on her, which made Flora feel a sudden pain on her back! In a fit of anger, Flora intended to slap Ashley on her face, grinding her teeth and cursing in a low voice, "How dare you hit me!"

It was impossible for her to slap on Ashley's face. She moved sideways to dodge it. However, the slap didn't reach her face, which made Flora feel lose balance. She staggered and fell on the ground! 'If Flora really gets down and there are so many people watching, it will be a big news, ' Ashley thought!

"Watch out, Flora!" She reached out her hands and grabbed Flora's thin body.

Flora struggled to free herself from the grip of Ashley's arm and pushed her backwards. As a result, Ashley fell to the ground, sat on her back and squatted down with a blank expression. Everyone felt sympathy for the weak, and wanted to see how the audience would spread after they finished the show!

Everything happened too fast. The host was still joking at the thought that they were just having fun. Before he could react, Ashley had been sitting on the ground. The host hurried to help her up, "Ashley, come on. Sit on the floor. It's cold,"

The rest of the artists also echoed. "Ashley, you're so considerate. You didn't have the heart to see Flora fall, so you chose to fall for Flora."

"The selfless spirit is worth learning together." The host knelt on one knee in front of Ashley and raised his hand in the cupboard, "God, give me the power!"

A proper smile broke across Ashley's face. She held the man's hand with her delicate hand and made a bearded gesture with the other. "I have given you my power. I hope you can make good use of it in the future."

"Thank you, Miss Beauty!" The host stood up, his hands holding the air.

The audience were all laughing, and most of the faces in the audience were also full of laughter. A few of them revealed some contempt on their faces, and as for what they were contemptuous of, only they themselves knew.

After the frolicking and playing, what should be punished, with a ruler in Flora hand, she said, "I want to avenge myself for what I

Ashley's magnanimity. She gave a thumbs up and said, "You really can hold a boat in your belly. You are such an angel to put up with it."

Ashley smiled and didn't say anything because she had suffered too much revenge: kidnapping, adultery, shooting pornography video and betrayal... All of these could destroy a person one by one. In her eyes, what Flora did now was just a stupid provocation from a little girl. She could tolerate the hurt caused by her.

However, Flora didn't think so. She thought that Ashley was just a paper tiger. Although Ashley was tough when she was recording the program, but when the show ended, she became weak hearted and even didn't dare to speak after her car was crashed!

"Flora, would you like me to drive you home?" The driver asked.

"No, I'm not going home. We'll go to seafood restaurant to get some takeaways." Then Flora added, "And send me to my company later." She wanted to have a good talk with Jasper about what kind of person Ashley was.

Recently, Jasper didn't want to see Ashley any more. For every day, except for eight hours of sleep, he wished only to stay in the office.

Now Henry could figure out that it was because of Ashley, but he didn't know what had happened to Jasper. 'What does Jasper think of me? Does he like Ashley or doesn't like her? Does he fail in courting her? Or does she feel bored with Ashley so he doesn't want to see her at all?' thought Henry.

No matter what had happened, he had led a miserable life recently. He was nobody, and even the heads of all the departments were scared and pale after being scolded every day.

Henry reported his work in Jasper's office. He saw a cold face from behind the boss's desk and thought carefully about the report just now. He checked it carefully to make sure that there was no problem. Then he lowered his head and waited for the reply of his boss with a peace of mind.

After waiting for two minutes, there was still no reply from the boss. He summoned up the courage to look up again. This time he was so regretful that he wanted to put his brain back.

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