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   Chapter 174 The Party

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Speaking of this, Ashley continued, "I have a party with friends tonight. Is there anything I need to deal with for you, Mr. Jasper? I'll make it done."

"What kind of party? Who will be there?" Asked Jasper.

Blinking her eyes, Ashley didn't expect that Jasper would ask such a clear question. She thought for a while and answered, "They are all sons and daughters of my father's circle. They often have dinner and sing together."

"Okay. Take care." Jasper let her go without hesitation.

The party was held at the home of a young man who had a good relationship with Francis. The reason of the party was to make up for the wedding party. The man told her that he hadn't had the chance to have a good time since Francis got married so fast. Now they were going to hold a party and get together.

Since June was a very popular person in this social circle, they would inform June of any news as soon as possible. After getting the news, June also told Ashley, which was the reason why she got to know that there would be a party. Actually, the party was not the most important thing. The main reason was that Ashley wanted to see Ethan to 'remind him.'

In the evening, Ashley came to the venue with jeans and a sweater, which she wore during the work, and a thick down jacket as well. She parked her car in the yard. The yard was filled with fancy cars which were parked in the cold wind. The window of the villa, which was ten meters away from here, was sandwiched in the middle by the hot air and cold air, creating a layer of white fog. Through the white mist, it could be vaguely seen that the shadows of light in the villa were intertwining and figures were shuttling back and forth.

Taking a deep breath, Ashley walked to the front of the villa and pulled open the door, which brought a gust of heat wave.

"Oh my gosh, Ashley, welcome!" Seeing Ashley come in, the host Kevin greeted her warmly. "Ashley, why are you dressing so plain and low-key? You didn't dress seriously. You'll be punished to drink later."

"Kevin, don't blame me. I have to drive home later." Ashley put on her coat and begged for mercy, clutching her hands.

"No way!" Kevin led her in, "Look, every woman is wearing dresses except you wear jeans. Paula, bring me a cup of wine!"

A young girl dressed as a servant came with a tray. Kevin took a glass of wine from the tray and handed it to Ashley. Knowing that she couldn't get away with it, Ashley drank the wine in one gulp.


"You are a good drinker, Ashley!"

The whole room was cheering.

In the crowd, Francis and Sheila felt awful when they saw Ashley drinking. She not only and she also learned to drink. She had changed a lot after leaving him these years.

Seeing Ashley show up, Sheila couldn't help holding Francis tighter in her arms. Today when she went to the hospital, Gloria told her everything happened the day and night. After the video was taken away, although Gloria was sure that whether it was Ashley asked people to take the video, Ashley did not appear from beginning to end. The only certain thing was that t

. "We can't be too polite to this kind of person. Scold and hit her if necessary, she dare to talk nonsense, just kill her!"

Hearing it, Ethan shouted at her, "Shut up, or I'll kill you first!"

"Ethan!" The host Nick called out, "Francis didn't say anything. Just drink your wine!"

Ethan pursed her lips and turned away, without saying anything.

Ashley was amazed. This world was a place where only one's ability depended on his or her own ability. Although Ethan was from a family much higher than the lady in blue dress, but Kevin's family was higher in position than that of Ethan. There was always one to overcome another.

The peacemaker also stood up and said, "It's almost time for everyone to arrive. I said just now that we should play games. We don't wait the others that haven't arrived. Let's play first."

At the mention of playing the game, the crowd began to be boisterous again, "Let's play passing the toothpick, it's exciting! As it is a bachelor party, we should play something exciting!"

One man suggested, and the men all responded.

Ashley had been playing very little, so she didn't know what was passing on the toothpick. Noticing that the men around were so excited, she realized that there must be something fishy about the game. She turned to June and asked, "How to play it? I've never heard of it."

With short, handsome hair, June was leaning on her shoulder, replying text message on her phone. As soon as she heard it, she answered, "It is a game that a group of people pass the toothpick one by one with their mouth. They can neither use any tools nor fail to do that. Otherwise, the loser will be punished."

"The toothpick is slender and long, so it's easy to pass it on." Ashley was confused.

June said, "After one round, the toothpick will be split into half and the toothpick will be re arranged for the next round. After the second round, the half toothpick will be halved again... It is easy at the very beginning... It will became more and exciting."

Ashley kind of regretted coming to the party.

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