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   Chapter 173 Hide The Truth (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5342

Updated: 2020-03-24 00:02

"Okay, I know." Henry didn't come into Jasper's office. Instead, he turned to his own. He had been away for the last few days. The office was cleaned up by the cleaner every day, and there was no dust left in the office. Henry sat in his office chair and picked up his phone to send a message to Jasper:

Boss, I'm back.

After a quick glance at his phone in the CEO's office, Jasper looked up at Ashley who was curled up in the sofa in the reception area and then put down his phone. "Ashley, I want to eat the dessert of the golden sun restaurant. Could you please buy me a box of it?"

Ashley quickly sat up and asked, "Mr. Jasper, what kind of desserts do you want?"

He didn't like desserts, and he did so for he just want to asked Ashley away. "You can buy whatever you like," he said.

"……" 'You asked me to buy some dessert for you, but you told me to buy what I'd like to eat. You were so funny, Mr. Jasper!' Receiving his order, Ashley put on her coat, scarf, cellphone and changes and went out.

After Ashley left, Jasper gave an internal call to Henry, "Come to my office."

Within a minute, there was a knock on the door. Henry, in the clothes he wore yesterday, came in. "Mr. Jasper."

"Well, have a seat." "How is it going?" Jasper asked, pointing at the chair in front of him

Henry came over and sat down in front of Jasper. He took out two USB flash drive from his pocket and put them on his desk. He said respectfully, "I've got all the videos back. Make sure that there is no other backup. No one else knows the content except for Gloria."

Jasper took two U-dis

s very much. I don't know what you like to eat, so I saw you take one of these beautiful ones. Please have a try."

Jasper picked up a piece of sweet heart cake and put it into his mouth. It wrapped in red beans was soft and sweet. It tasted from the taste bud of his tongue to his heart. "Yummy," he nodded

"Really?" Ashley also smiled. She took a sip of hot tea and said, "It's said that desserts can relieve pressure and increase happiness. Is that the reason why you likes eating desserts? I know man men like eating desserts. I got sick of eating desserts just after a few bites."

"Do you know many men?" She was aware that Jasper cared a little too much.

However, Ashley thought he meant that she knew little people, so she totally had different thoughts as to how to express her ideas. After thinking for a while, she answered, "I have quite a lot of friends. Since I was a child, I was not interested in socializing with girls, so I have been always surrounded by male friends. Taking these years into consideration, I have known a lot of men."

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