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   Chapter 171 The Location Of The Video (Part Three) (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-23 00:32

It was cold. The heating in the old house was insufficient. He tossed and turned for a long time before falling asleep. He had a dream at night. In the dream, he opened the file in the USB flash drive and found that the woman in the video was Ashley, and the man in it was Jasper!

Henry suddenly woke up. The room was quiet. Through the gap of the door, they could see the light outside, and some people were playing cards.

Feeling dizzy, he opened the door and went out. His men on duty was playing cards, while Gloria leaned against the wall with her neck tilted, not knowing whether she was asleep or not.

"Don't worry, Henry. We will keep watch on this woman. You'd better go back to sleep now. The dawn will be in two hours." The bodyguard who was playing cards called him.

Henry felt a little relieved after he noticing Gloria was there. After waking up in the middle of the night, Henry felt very dizzy. Then he got back to the room to continue sleeping. He had a sound sleep without having any nightmare.

The next morning, after woken up, all of them took Gloria to the Fang house to get changed. Then, they took Gloria to the bank to wait outside, and then Henry drove to ask Shawn for help.

Early in the morning, Shawn had received a phone call from Jasper and asked him to help him with something. Shawn heard a lot about what Jasper had done. In fact, none of the leaders in the upper class had a clean conscience. While Jasper had his own moral bottom line, and Shawn knew him from childhood, so as long as things didn't go too far, he was willing to help Jasper.

her mind was completely empty.

As a matter of fact, she had been taken to the police station to give statements. She had a deep impression on Shawn and Moo Moo. When she got out of the car and saw the two people, she was surprised and uneasy. Did Ashley call the police? But how could the police treat her like that yesterday? Or do these people have something to do with the police?

If they were just the bandits, she could call the police or ask for a bigger one to revenge. But if the policemen and bandits had colluded with each other, she would have no other choice but to play dumb.

But how could Ashley be capable of inviting so many people to find the video? Or has Jasper already known it? If so A cold shiver ran down Gloria's spine. If Jasper had known that it was her and her daughter who had schemed against him The consequence would be unthinkable.

However, according to what Jasper did, he didn't have to beat around the bush. He hoped that he hadn't known it yet, and hoped that it was really only Ashley who had played the trick.

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