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   Chapter 170 The Location Of The Video (Part Three) (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5664

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:22

"Where is the USB flash disk? Go get it."

"In my room. Just wait for me."

May rummaged through her suitcase and found a two wide little box. There was a USB flash disk in the box. Henry looked at the box and said, "Is there anything hiding? For example, have you copied the file to somewhere else?"

May shook her head first, and then hesitated, "No."

Henry, with a cold face, threatened, "You'd better be honest with me. If I find you lie, you'll be in trouble."

Shocked, May said, "My husband seemed to have copied it..."

"Ask that man to come here, too!" Henry shouted towards the living room.

"Yes, sir."

Soon, the man was taken to Henry from the outside. He asked in a crooked way, "Have you copied the video from Ashley?"

The man with chicken nest head nodded and said, "I copied the video to my computer."

"Is there anything else?"

The man shook his head. "No."

Henry didn't believe for fearing the two to play a trick. "Brooke, go and find the video in their computer. Doctor Charles, please give them injections of amital, and the rest keep an eye on the two children." "

All of them took action separately according to Henry's order. Charles walked into the bedroom with a small suitcase. When May saw him take out a needle tube and other stuff, the couple were frightened and turn pale. "What are you doing!"

"I've told you everything. What else do you want?"

Doctor Charles said gently, "You two don't need to be afraid. This is amital. After injection, you'll tell us everything, and it won't bring substantial hurt to you."

The two were still afraid, "What we said is true, and we didn't lie."

May swore, "if I lie to you, I will die i

she plays trick.


"Take the computer with you. After getting the video, ask Gloria for the password of the video and open the file to confirm if the video content is true." Massaging his aching forehead, Jasper began to think about all the possibilities, "I'm afraid that Gloria might get a backup. You go to see policeman Shawn first tomorrow and ask him to accompany with you. Shawn will help you with that."

"Yes, Mr. Jasper."

"Watch over Gloria. You guys rest in turns. Nothing else. Hang up now."

"Yes." Henry hung up the phone. Sweat began to form in his palms.

When they went back to the place where they locked up Gloria, Henry glanced at Gloria. The woman had already waken up and was tied to a chair. Her mouth was taped preventing her from screaming. As soon as Gloria saw him coming in, she stared at him, as if she wanted to poke a hole on his face.

Henry had arrange shifts to keep watch on her. Although he had been working hard for the whole night, he didn't dare to fall asleep. He found a bucket in the room next to the room. There was dusted bed in it and he soon fell asleep on it.

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