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   Chapter 169 The Location Of The Video (Part Two) (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5837

Updated: 2020-03-23 00:20

Hearing that, May Wang felt sad in her heart. It was all her arrogance. She thought she had hooked up with a rich and powerful cousin, she was arrogant and looking down other person, otherwise she wouldn't have ended up like this. Her husband was drunk by alcohol. As a mother, she did not have time to accompany her children, not to mention to have a meal for her children. What's more, she had to let her daughter distract to take care of this family.

May Wang choked with sobs, "I'm eating in the hotel. I'm going to take your brother to shower. You should go to bed after finishing your homework."

The whole family was exhausted. They went to bed at ten o'clock and fell asleep at eleven o'clock.

Henry with others broke the iron gate of the steel fence with a light hand. The gate was not any other things, except for the rusty for a long time. There was a sound at the touch. They had applied some oily oil to the teeth lock and unlocked it. It was much easier for them to open the last wooden door, so they only used the unlocking tools for two minutes.

After entering it, they saw a small kitchen on the left and a living room on the right. In front of it, there were two bedroom doors and a bathroom. In this cramped space, with a simple wave of Henry's hand, the bodyguards got into two bedrooms on each side in groups.

With a few sullen screams, a family of four was taken to the living room. The living room was small, with several men who were very tall and the four family members. All of a sudden, the living room was crowded to the point of clinging to people.

The drinking man was also awakened by the fear. With the white hair which like the chicken nest, he knelt on the ground with May Wang, shivering. The two ch

eep it for her?" Henry asked, leaning against the wall.

"Yes, there is one thing." May nodded. "She said it was a video in which Ashley slept with a man. Do you know Ashley? She has become a hit on the Internet recently and her scandal is reported online."

Henry nodded and replied, "yes, I know. Have you seen this video?"

Hearing this, May Wangle scratched her head in embarrassment. "My husband and I want to add some fun as a couple..."

Using the level three video of Ashley to increase the couple's fun, Henry trembled with fear. If they really read the content, according to Jasper's spirit, the couple would probably be over...

"Oh, I don't think so. This is an USB flash drive, and both my husband and I failed to turn it on. She set a password."

Henry breathed a sigh of relief for the couple.

"My husband wanted to take the flash disk to unlock it, but I didn't let him do it. When my cousin handed it to me, she told me repeatedly not to let anyone else know about this video. I'm afraid that once I unlocked the flash disk, it would be bad when the people who have unlocked it and saw it. That's why I didn't see it successfully."

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