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   Chapter 168 The Location Of The Video (Part Two) (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-23 00:02

Gloria struggled faintly but was unable to control herself. "And May Wang."

May Wang? Henry made a fair guess that the person must be a relative of Gloria. Then he asked, "does May Wang have this video too?"


Well, what a wily woman Gloria was! If he had listened to her just now, he could only get the video out of the bank safe. Once Gloria came back, she would definitely find May and post the video on the Internet. What he did today could not only not solve the problem, but also provoke it.

Now Henry felt a surge of fear. Fortunately, Jasper was careful to let him ask her again with amytal. Otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. "Is there any other backup of the video?"


"Really?" Henry asked again.

"I'm telling the truth."

"Where is May Wang lives?"

This was not a question that aroused her resistance. She gave a smooth answer. "May Wang lives in the Elegant Tang District in the northern city, floor 1401, unit 1, building 7."

After Henry made the matter clear, he went out of the room and called Jasper. After hearing Henry's words, Jasper sat on the head of the bed for a long time with an expressionless face. After thinking for a while, Jasper said, "you control Gloria first and don't let her out temporarily. Otherwise, she will tip May Wang off. Bring a few people with you to find May Wang as soon as possible and ask her about the whereabouts of the video. After getting the video, take Gloria to the bank and let her take the video out of the bank safe."

"Yes, Mr. Jasper."

"Keep me informed if anything happens."


Henry hung up the phone and said to the doctor, "doctor, please come with me. We have something else to do and you four should go with me. The last four bodyguards stay here. Don't let

ot in, ordinary people were scared to death. Why did he take her out? He could ask her when he came in!

"You are so smart, doctor. You know what? I've been considering for a long time and I still don't think some ways." Henry laughed and patted the cultivated man's shoulder. "Get off, let's get started," Henry ordered.

When they got out of the car and entered the community, they found that the gate of the community was open. When they reached the community, there was no electronic door. When they opened the door of the building, they could enter directly without anyone noticing. The elevator creaked, like a crumbling old man. They didn't dare to take the elevator in case of something wrong. They climbed to the fourteenth floor.

"Let's have a rest and start the work on time at eleven o'clock."


After working in the hotel, May Wang came back home. Her husband was drunk and slept sound in the bed. At home, her daughter was doing homework consciously while her younger son was playing blocks on the ground.

"Have you eaten?"

"We all have." The daughter turned around and said, "Dad and brother are full of the noodles I cooked. Mom, have you eaten yet?"

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