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   Chapter 166 A Kiss

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 10494

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Jasper had recently ordered Henry to bring several people to search for a video in Fang family's villa, a video about the limitation level of Ashley.

Fang family was almost an empty house now. The master of this family, Samuel, was in hospital while the hostess, Gloria, was taking care of him day and night. She would come back occasionally to cook soup for him. As for Sheila, she was too busy with her wedding matters and didn't go home every day. The host was not at home, so the servants of Fang family were scattered. They went out in twos and threes.

That was because the villa of Fang family was almost empty everyday, which created a lot of convenience for Henry's operation. What's more, maybe Fang family was not a big family, and they had no idea about the security and protective system. So Henry had a group of professional bodyguards and they could easily sneak into the house.

Henry searched Fang family for two days in gloves and shoe covers but didn't find anything special. Then Henry hired two other hacker giants to search Fang family's computer in secret, but they didn't find the video that Jasper had mentioned.

After several times of search failing, Henry returned to the company and reported the progress to his boss.

Ashley visited Samuel in the hospital, most of the time she was restrained in Jasper's office. She helped Jasper to sort out the documents and then began to help him arrange his daily schedule. Since Henry wasn't around company these days, Jasper had been treating her as his special assistant.

Someone knocked on the door. The manager of the market research department came in to discuss with Jasper about work. He looked at Ashley and they nodded to each other. Ashley was holding a tablet computer in her hand, it was showing A Good Time's past programmes. She had planned to go to the radio and record the program in a few days. When she had dealt with the matter of Jasper, he asked her to have a look at it and she could have a preparation in her mind during the recording.

After greeting with Ashley, the manager sat down opposite to Jasper. All the managers of the company had entered or exited Jasper's office, and they had got used to seeing Ashley in the reception area. Although he had no idea what was in Jasper's mind, he didn't avoid Ashley when they were talking about work and it seemed that Jasper gave much trust to Ashley.

"Mr. Jasper, this is a tendency of consumption element in the past few years of costume drama." The manager said while handing over the documents in his hands to Jasper.

Taking the file, Jasper looked through it carefully. Ashley was reading the punishment section about the program. She sat on the sofa, covered her mouth, and couldn't help laughing. However, as if having gotten the third pair of eyes, Jasper looked up at the direction of Ashley and then turned his eyes back, saying, "how do you see the data?"

"Mr. Jasper, I think if we want to do a good show, these data alone can't prove anything. The market has been very unpredictable. Blindly chasing the public's preferences doesn't necessarily pay off."

After having

aytime and in the evening the nursing assistant took care of him in the hospital.

With the bag, Gloria walked out of the hospital. She parked her car at the underground parking lot and it would take her three to five minutes to get her car. As usual, Gloria opened the car door, sat sideways on the driver's seat, dropped her bag on the passenger seat. As soon as the door was closed in her left hand, she heard someone's breath!

As soon as Gloria opened the door and got off, she found that her car was surrounded by many people. They pushed door so that she couldn't push the door open! The man sitting on the back seat also started to take action. He covered her mouth and nose with a handkerchief. After struggling for a while, Gloria passed out because of the drug in the handkerchief.

Two people in the back seat dragged Gloria to the back seat and closed the door. "Everything is done."

Henry was sitting in another car. He rolled down the window and said to them, "you must be tired now. Others get in now. It's not good for you to stay here for a long time."


Three cars slid into the darkness in the winter.

When Gloria woke up again, she found her hands and feet were tied on a chair. In front of her stood eight or nine tall men, who were sitting or standing.

"Who are you? Why do you arrest me?"

The man sitting next to Henry was a gentle man. He also said gently. "Are we going to inject amytal now?" Or do you want to ask her first?"

"What's amytal? What are you injecting to me?" When Gloria was in panic, she saw a short shelf next to her, on which there were two needle tubes, alcohol and cotton etc.

"Give her the injection directly. It would be a waste of time if we ask her about it."

"Okay," The man stood up.

Trembling with fear, Gloria yelled, "no! Don't inject me with that kind of drug! Tell me what you want! I will give it all to you!"

The gentleman stopped and looked back at Henry, "why don't you ask first? It's inhuman to inject the drug into her body."

Henry nodded and said, "you can leave now. I'll ask her."

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