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   Chapter 165 Hugging

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The stylist was relieved and hurriedly walked in with them.

Ashley and Jasper walked to the innermost part of the wedding dress store and saw the top grade wedding dress that the stylist was talking about through a huge window. The white wedding dress with pointed shoulder and five sleeves was indeed very conservative and solemn. The entire wedding dress was covered with warm pearls, and the floor length hemline was like a peacock's tail stacked on the top of the dress.

"This one is good. Let's take this one." Jasper said.

The stylist wiped the sweat off his forehead and called the assistant to take it down. He had a rough day.

When the assistant was taking down the wedding dress, Sheila came over. "This must be the most expensive one you said. Take it down and let me have a try."

When the stylist heard this, his face turned deathly pale. Noticing that both Ashley and Jasper were silent, he couldn't bear it anymore and asked, "Miss, are you here to mess up?"

Sheila glared at him, "Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that!"

The lobby manager was a little displeased by the tiredness of her. Ashley was a star they had invited. Even not to mention Ashley, they couldn't even afford to offend Jasper.

"Sheila, we have paid a lot for this stylist, he is not our assistant." The manager corrected her.

"What's the difference? As the saying goes, customer is God! " Sheila clumped in her high heels and pushed away the stylist, "Girls, take this dress to the fitting room. I want to try it on."

With her hands clasped behind her back, Jasper said leisurely, "Andrew, you invited us to have a walk today just because you know that I and Ashley have nothing to do, don't you?"

The stylist's heart skipped a beat when he heard this. But then, he felt like he was going to die! Knowing how serious the matter was, he rushed forward and stopped Sheila before Jasper lost her temper. "Miss, don't you know 'first come, first served'? Leave your clothes here, or I'll call the security. "

It was very quiet in the bridal shop. Having waited in the fitting room for a long time, Francis didn't see Sheila come back. Instead, he heard a quarrel outside and knew that Sheila had made trouble again. He really wanted to tear this woman into pieces and bury her!

"Call the security? Go ahead!" Sheila pushed the stylist contemptuously, "I'm the daughter-in-law of Guantang Group. If you don't mind to quit your business, just go ahead to call the security." She was quite complacent. With her current identity and status, she wanted to see who dared to provoke her!

The stylist's face turned red because of anger. When he was pushed forward again by Sheila, he dodged and then Sheila stumbled at his foot! Sheila was in a wedding dress, so it was difficult for her to balance her body. Nobody helped her to stand up,

Hearing that, Jasper was stunned, with his heart missing a beat. "Okay," he replied.

Hearing Jasper's consent, her heart beat fast with nervousness. She walked a few steps forward and carefully rested her head on Jasper's shoulder. With his arms hanging down on her side, she froze and didn't dare to move. In his arms was the delicate body of a woman, and it would be soft to hold her.

The images of their intimacy flashed in his mind again. He had seen so many naked, elegant and embarrassing pictures of her. He could be unrestrained to do anything for her before, but now he could only feel restrained. Because he treasured and paid too much attention to it, he didn't dare to do anything or even move.

"Mr. Jasper."


"Thank you for your help just now."

"You're welcome."

Ashley leaned her head on the man's shoulder, which was strong and warm. When she got close to him, she knew how hard it was to hide and leave. Many female artists who had been around him were banished from entertainment because they couldn't tolerate it.

"Mr. Jasper, if I displease you one day, will you banish me from the entertainment industry?"

"Why do you ask this question?" Jasper asked, tensed up.

"I just want to ask you."

He patted her on the back and comforted, "Don't worry. It won't happen."

Having received the promise, Ashley held the man's waist with her trembling arms and tightly held her in his arms.

Jasper paused, holding her hands. She also put her hands around his body. The soft body in his arms seemed to fill the void in his heart. He sighed with satisfaction, "Ashley, forget Francis."


The stylist was a little impatient as Jasper and Ashley didn't come. He rushed to the bridal shop and wanted to urge them. But before he entered the shop, he saw them embracing each other through the arch. He immediately covered his mouth in surprise Are they

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