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   Chapter 164 Try On Wedding Dress (Part 2)

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'How could I break up with her and had affair with Sheila?' Francis wondered. Francis had come to the shop with his wife today to choose wedding dress, but his wife was not Ashley anymore.

While Sheila was so frightened that she rushed to Ashley on high heels and asked, "Why are you here?"

Of course, Ashley didn't want to talk to her, and she didn't even look at Sheila. Ashley walked a few steps towards Jasper and asked with a smile, "Mr. Jasper, what do you think about this wedding dress? Do I look good in it?"

Looking at Ashley, Jasper's eyes had never left her since she came out of the fitting room. She was amazed. He nodded, "Yup, it suits you very well."

"Really?" She lowered her head shyly.

Jasper stood up and walked over to her. He untied the long hair behind her head with his hands, gently and patiently saying, "It will be better to untie your hair."

Ashley couldn't help looking up at the man who untied her hair. At that moment, she felt Jasper was very gentle to her, which she had never seen before, and she felt that Jasper treated her differently from what he was to other artists.

Her hair had been made a ponytail for a long time. When he untied it, her soft hair fell slowly over her shoulder.

As the stylist saw this, he stared Ashley who was like a princess came out of fairy tales that nobody dared to disturb her. However, when Ashley put down her hair, the stylist felt that his heart was going to stop beating. He couldn't describe Jasper's tenderness to her. She was too beautiful to be described as unreal. He felt like he was in a dream.

Seeing their interaction, Francis felt both jealous and sad.

"Ashley, I'm asking you!"

Everyone was holding their breath and looking at that beautiful couple. Seeing herself being ignored, Sheila rudely broke the atmosphere in the fitting room.

The lobby manager sighed and replied kindly, "Ashley is the model invited by us and she is here to choose wedding dress today."

Sheila doubted, "Ashley, are you here to make trouble for me because you heard that Francis and I are here to pick the wedding dress today?"

Hearing this, everyone in the wedding dress shop felt strange. Since Ashley had already chosen a dress in the shop, there must be no intention.

The news of the two sisters spread on the Internet. Sheila always claimed that she was a victim and that she had been loving Francis for several years. However, her bossy behavior did not show her deep love to him.

"Did I make trouble for you?" Hearing that, Ashley raised her eyebrows. She was about to laugh out loud in her mind. How narcissistic Sheila was to feel that she was so important that someone would intentionally disturb her plan on such a boring thing? Ashley smoothed her hair, "I didn't say anything from the beginning till now. What made you think so However, I do think that you come here on purpose today. I come here for work, but you came up as i

erstanding, Ashley. This way please."

Hearing this, Jasper looked sideways at Ashley without saying a word.

"I want to try some top wedding dresses as well," said Ashley with a flattering smile.

"Didn't you wear your wedding dress four years ago?" Said Jasper sourly.

"Well, the wedding dress I wore last time was not very good. I said I didn't try on top wedding dress and I wanted to have a look." Said Ashley flatly.

"Ashley, please have a try this one." The stylist pointed at a white strapless wedding dress inlaid with diamond in the showcase and said.

Ashley was almost blinded by the artificial diamonds on the dress.

The entire wedding dress was almost covered with diamonds, including from the chest to the waist. Some big diamonds, which were the size of an egg, as well as some coins and small buddies, were placed on the hemline of the dress. It was extremely luxurious.

"I want to try this one." The lobby manager followed Sheila arrogantly and said.

"Sheila, this is not the most expensive." The lobby manager reminded her in a hurry.

"I like this one. I want to have a try. Do you have any other ideas?" Sheila asked, raising her eyebrows.

The lobby manager stopped talking as soon as he heard what Sheila had said. However, because of the dissatisfaction from Jasper and the bad look on his face, the stylist hurried to mediate the dispute. "Mr. Jasper, I remember there is a conservative and top-class wedding dress. Let's have a look," he said.

Not in the mood to entangle with Sheila, Ashley pulled at Jasper's sleeve and said, "Mr. Jasper, this wedding dress has too many diamonds. I'm afraid that I will be blind if I buy it. Let's go and see some other pieces."

Jasper was a broad-minded man who didn't like to care about trifles. Besides, his clothes were tugged at the hem by Ashley, which was like a tug on his heart. He said, "Let's go to see the conservative wedding dress you have mentioned."

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