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   Chapter 163 Try On Wedding Dress (Part One) (Part Two)

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oh my god! What a handsome man.

As Jasper and Ashley slowly walked in, he put his hands behind his back. He was a little old-fashioned, but when he did it, he looked a little rakish and unrestrained.

Ashley's eyes lit up with a big grin as she walked into the shop. "I'm Ashley. I'm here to choose a wedding dress and take pictures. The stylist said he's waiting in the shop, so please take us to him, " she said with a big smile.

When the two usherettes heard her voice, they turned their attention from Jasper to Ashley, and they widened their eyes, "Oh, god, You are Ashley!"

"Wow You are more beautiful than you are on the screen! "

They exclaimed in surprise. Ashley smiled politely. "Thank you for your praise. Please take us to the stylist."

"Oh, okay." One of them nodded excitedly and shouted, "Andrew!" Andrew!"

"I'm coming!" A man with fair skin and long hair came out, "Hi, Ashley. How beautiful you are. Well, Mr. Jasper, are you here with Ashley? "

Jasper nodded without saying anything.

The hairdresser was not surprised at all. It was normal for Jasper who didn't like to talk with others in his position. He walked towards Ashley and led her to go inside. "I have already chosen several pieces of wedding dresses. Ashley, you go to try them on and choose three of them today. Then we can finish the shooting before sunset," he said.

The stylist ushered them through an arch and wanted to show Ashley the clothes through the window. But when he turned around, they couldn't find the clothes inside. So he asked in a low voice. But he quickly reacted and took them to another place. "Ashley, you are tall, with broad shoulders and back, and wearing a backless wedding dress must be beautiful and elegant. How about this one?"

Ashley looked at the wedding dress and the black model and the bright white light behind the window, which made the wedding dress extremely beautiful. The two shoulder straps which were three fingers wide on the back were meandered to the waist, and the entire back was bare. The waist was very thin, and the hemline formed an arc.

The we

rd the voice coming over. "Wow, it's so beautiful. I thought this dress would fit you well. I haven't seen elegant bride as you before."

Hearing the praise, Sheila looked very happy. "Francis, do you want this one? Or do you want me to try other dresses?"

"It's up to you," said Francis.

Sheila covered her face shyly. "You are the groom. Give me some advice."

"Your opinions are exactly mine," said Francis.

The look on Jasper's face became even colder.

It was easy for Ashley to get dressed. She finished all her work. When she put on her wedding dress and was about to come out, she heard some noise outside. So she had to tidy up her hemline and panned to walk out some time later. The shop assistant thought that she was not satisfied, and sincerely praised, "You are very beautiful. Don't worry. Your figure and appearance are very good-looking."

While saying, she opened the curtain of the fitting room.

The men's attention was attracted again. The woman's arms were slender, and her well-proportioned upper body seemed delicate and refined wrapped by the wedding dress. The skirt was like clouds, fancy and with some sense of casual. She stood there, just as the noble princess that came out of the castle.

The stylist blinked and marveled in his mind, 'Ashley is really pretty no matter what she wears. Such a normal wedding dress can also be made a high-fashion sense.

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