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   Chapter 162 Try On Wedding Dress (Part One) (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-03-21 02:00

It took Sheila several days to ask Francis to accompany her to choose the wedding dress. Sheila had meant to find a designer to customized a wedding dress for her, but she hadn't enough time. When they went to the shop for customized wedding dress, handmade wedding dress would take at least three months!

She couldn't wait that long. After three months pregnant, her belly would had a big bulge. Let alone abortion for longer duration of pregnancy was harmful to health, three months later, her belly would have a very big bulge. It was not good-looking to wear wedding dress either. She hoped that the wedding would be held as soon as possible. She had tried her best to compress the wedding preparation progress, and the invitations were sent out. The wedding would be held in twenty days.

It was a pity that she couldn't wear customized wedding dress, but it was better than anything as long as she and Francis could hold the wedding. So Sheila went to one of the most famous wedding dress stores in the city to choose a wedding gown.

Francis was busy with the subsequent production of the Nature of Nanshan, so he didn't want to go out with Sheila at all. It was useless to ask him to come out since it was not he wear the wedding dress. He thought it would be better to ask a friend to give her some advices. Even though he thought so, he would not say so. After trying several times but failed to refuse, he had no choice but come out with Sheila.

The winter wind was soughing in the street. Pedestrians walked fast.

Sitting in the car, Sheila looked at Francis happily, hoping that he could see how she looked in wedding dress. She was pure and innocent, and she looked most graceful in white clothes. The wedding dress was the most beautiful and luxury one among all the white clothes. She believed once she put it on, she would definitely be able to amaze Francis.

"Francis, we haven't taken the wedding photos yet. When do you have time? Let's go to take the wedding photos together. I have ordered the best package of wedding photos in the best photo studio

red on the ground, elegant and luxurious. Sheila's eyes lit up, "Francis, how do you like this one?"

Francis looked at it, nodded his head and replied, "It looks good. Then we buy this one."

The lobby manager was delighted to hear it. When she was about to ask the assistant to help packing it up, Sheila pushed the man away shyly and said, "It's not good to choose a wedding dress in such a hurry. Of course I have to try it on."

The lobby manager also echoed with a smile, "Yes, you're right. A woman will wear it only once in her life, so she must have a try. I'll have the dress taken out. Miss, you go to try it on first. I'll ask two assistants to help you with it."

As soon as the lobby manager called out, two beautiful women in uniform came over immediately. "Miss, this way please. We will help you to try on the wedding dress."

Then Francis was taken to a rest area next to the fitting room. The service there was excellent. In case that he waited too long for the wedding dress to try on, he was served with coffee, desserts, and a book about the wedding dress.

Jasper drove the car with Ashley hanging around the streets unhurriedly. They bought some snacks, which made Ashley very happy, before driving to her destination.

The two usherettes made a bow to 90 degrees and said, "Welcome... to..." However, the voice of the last word rang out in the air.

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