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   Chapter 160 Petty Temper (Part One)

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"I heard that Ashley had turned down Harry's movie. Jasper, I want you to introduce me to him." There was no one else in the office. Flora bypassed the table and hugged Jasper's arm, acting like a spoiled child.

Flora did have a notoriously indiscreet about her private life, sometimes she acted like a prima donna, but she did well on her works.

When Jasper first joined the Shengshi Group, he had started his career as an agent. He had led a lot of artists since then. Some of artists were led by their manager who had designed, some were new comers, men or women. There were more than ten in total. He was so busy that he didn't even have time to sleep when he needed to take care of his six subordinates at the same time.

He had led artists for a year. After then, Jasper had gone to other departments to learn about other business of the company. However, he had been accustomed to taking care of one or two of his artists all year round. And all these artists, as long as they were female, had fallen in love with him.

This was not rare. Agent and artists were with shared interests. They shared weal and woe. And for celebrities, there was no sense of security because of the wheeling-and-dealing in the entertainment circle. The only one they could trust was their own agent. Therefore, if a manager and a star were of the opposite sex, it was easy to fall in love with each other.

However, Jasper had no interest in them at all. What's more, most of the female stars in the entertainment circle were open, so it was very difficult to entangle them. Jasper couldn't bear the disturbance from female artists. As the threat and other means had been used were useless, he then blocked two artists, which finally suppressed the continuous entanglement.

And those who did not give up, which were not willing to be blocked, were left to sink or swim by themselves. Aimee was such an example. She was the most persistent among these artists, and the most regrettable one for Jasper. Aimee was the best in every aspect, so

here, Ashley didn't want to attend the show. But she was too embarrassed to refuse Flora, so she said, "Thank you for your help, Flora. But I can't make the decision now. I'll ask Mr. Jasper later and see what he will say."

If she told Jasper that she didn't want to attend the show, Jasper would blame her symbolically at the most. If she told Flora that she didn't want to go, then... From what she had known about Flora, she could tell that what Flora acted this morning was her real personality. If she refused Flora, Ashley was afraid that she would play a trick on her. After all, she was afraid of being calculated by this woman.

Flora's hatred toward her grew even stronger. She hated Ashley just kept mentioning Mr. Jasper. Ashley clanged herself to Jasper. She got many resources by coaxing Jasper, and those should have been rewarded to her! No matter how spiteful she was, Flora still kept a straight face. "Then have a chat with Mr. Jasper. The ratings of the show are good. It can help you with more exposure."

"Okay, Flora. I'll talk to Mr. Jasper later."

After seeing Flora off, Anna poked her, "Ashley, why didn't you agree with her just now? The ratings of A Good Time is really high, and before all the major movies and TV series are online, it will attract a lot of fans. If you go there, you will definitely get more fans."

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