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   Chapter 159 Jasper Was On My Side (Part Two)

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She knocked at the door of Henry's office, but after a while, there was no response. Again, there was no response.

Jasper's secretary Anna at the door looked over and said, "Ashley, Henry is not in the company recently. The boss asked him to go out to do something else."

"Okay." She had no place to go now.

Anna was very considerate, "Ashley, you can stay here with me."

Ashley finally got a place to sit down. She leaned against the interior screen of Anna for half an hour. The two talked about cosmetics for half an hour. Half an hour later, Cleo finally came out of Jasper's office. So Ashley came back to Jasper's office to sort out the files.

Jasper raised his head to take a look at her and asked, "Did Cleo tell you about the Moon Shadow?"

"She didn't tell me in detail. She just mentioned it." After standing for a long time, Ashley felt a little tired, so she sat on the sofa and had a long breath.

Having been with him for a long time, Ashley spoke and acted naturally. Jasper thought that it was useful to call her here to sort out the documents. Ashley was revered to him before.

"The movie is still in preparation. There are many things that haven't been confirmed yet, so I haven't told you yet."

"It's okay. I trust you, Mr. Jasper." Speaking of work, Ashley consciously sat up straight.

Seeing this, Jasper sighed in his heart. She seemed to be the same as before. Perhaps he could think of other ways. "You can take a rest and then continue to work. Do you want Anna to make you a cup of tea?"

Afraid of bothering others, Ashley shook her head, "No, I'm not thirsty."

Jasper picked up the phone on the table and called the secretary, "Anna, ask Flora to come in and then make some tea... "Honey teak."

Ashley was speechless

It seemed that Jasper disliked to adopt other's opinion.

She opened the files piled up in front of her and began to sort the files out.

ciously took all the blame on herself. "I'm sorry, Flora. I was absent-minded just now and I forgot to say hello to you."

However, seeing that Ashley was bullied in front of her, Jasper said coldly, "If you didn't see it, don't blame it on others!"

Flora was shocked by what she had heard. It wasn't the first time that she had been scolded by Jasper. But this was the first time he blamed her for someone else. She restrained her jealousy and displeasure, and sat back to her seat. Naughtily, she stuck out her tongue at Jasper and said, "I know."

"What do you come for today?" Said Jasper.

"Since Ashley is here, I feel too embarrassed to say anything." Flora wriggled around. She came here for the role of Harry's movie. Since Ashley declined it, she wouldn't be rash to tell 'I don't want anything that you decline'. She wasn't a person who would act rashly on her career.

Ashley stood up immediately and said, "Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom."

"Well, Ashley, that's not what I mean," said Flora immediately.

"I'm really going to the bathroom. Flora and Mr. Jasper are talking business. I's not appropriate for me to listen." As she spoke, Ashley walked out of Jasper's office.

At this time, Jasper was already extremely unhappy. "Hurry up."

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