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   Chapter 157 Communication (Part Two)

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At present, all the executives of the shopping malls on TV were middle-aged women. Xavier was in a bad fame now. If those middle-aged women didn't buy the TV series because of Hazel, they would suffer a lot. So it was impossible for Jason to make the decision. However, he wanted to sleep with Hazel for one more time, intending to deceive her for the time being. However, Hazel was too slipped.

"Hazel, you have been in this circle for a long time. Why are you not as open as that little girl?" Then he showed the video in his phone to Hazel.

Hazel recognized that the girl was Alice. She didn't think highly of her. Weldon looked elegant, actually he was vicious. Judging from the current situation, Weldon had taken this kind of video. Alice would surely be screwed. Before long, Weldon would "reward" Alice to other men one by one. Generally speaking, it wouldn't be long before Alice was screwed.

She gently pushed the mobile phone back and said, "Jason, please don't laugh at me. You don't know that my scandals haven't been over yet."

Jason stretched out his hands and rubbed the petite body in her arms, "Why don't you give in quickly? Or do you dislike me?"

'Humph, what the fuck! You want to have sex with me without a promise?' After almost an hour's talk, Hazel realized that there was no chance to get the role from Jason anymore. So, she didn't talk to the old man insincerely. "Director Jason, we have talked for a long time. It's late now. I should go back."

As she spoke, she stepped out of Jason arms.

"It's early. Stay longer." Jason tried to grab her arm.

"I have something to do back home." "We'll keep in touch until you have new roles for me." Hazel dodged with a smile, taking her bag to leave.

She opened and closed the door with a relief. Finally, she left. Standing in the hallway, she breathed a sigh of re

today, she asked, "Ashley, what makes you come to the eighth floor?"

"Hi, Cleo." She went up and said, "I'm looking for Alice."

"Alice?" Obviously, Cleo had a deep impression of Alice, who was very bold during the training. "I just saw her go to Dave's office. I guess she has something to talk with her agent. Do you have something to talk to her?"

In Dave's office, what they were going to talk about must be what happened yesterday. Ashley knew it and said, "No, it's not a big deal. Cleo, why did you come here today? Didn't you accompany Aimee for announcement?"

"Aimee is accompanied by an assistant. I have something else to talk to Mr. Jasper." Speaking of this, Cleo pulled her aside and lowered her voice, "I heard from Aimee that you declined Harry's movie? This opportunity is very rare. That was really a good role. Mr. Jasper passed it to you instead of Flora. Why didn't you cherish it?"

Ashley answered with a gloomy look, "My father is now in the final stage of cancer and it's inconvenient for me to go to other province for shooting."

With a pity in her eyes, Cleo sighed, "Aimee has been expecting to act with you... There's nothing we can do about it. It's just a pity that you missed the chance."

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