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   Chapter 154 Dinner Party (Part 3) (Part One)

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The faces of the people at the dinner table changed, especially those who had just cheered up, and the fat woman who had suggested it turned ghastly pale.

Peter felt utterly mortifying. This woman was so ungrateful, and that fat sister, she was just asking for trouble. Didn't she see that the woman had already made a clear-cut stand? The fat woman even still tried to make him lose face in front of so many people!

Jason looked at Peter's stinky face. After all, the play would be directed by both of them. Jason was kind-hearted and whispered in Peter's ear, "She's Jasper's subordinate."

Peter's face changed dramatically.

Jasper's own artists were always top-notch, who owned enough resources and without needing to take part in such dinner parties. Those people are actually kicking up a fuss to say "I'm going to play a big role for you", what a joke! 'Jasper always shielded his own artists, whenever they had suffered injustice, if he took it seriously, it was hard to imagine the consequences.

Peter looked at the fat woman with his eyes narrowed. How dare she take advantage of him!

The fat woman also felt that Peter's eyes were not so good. She realized that she may be wrong, so she quickly lowered her head with a smile. As the situation during the dinner changed, Hazel could not help but feel a little angry. The fat sister was normally smart. Why did she have to pick on Ashley at this point?

Just like having watched a drama, Weldon got more interested in Ashley. 'She looks as if she practiced martial arts.' He waved his hand and came out to be a peacemaker. "Why do you guys get angry with a little girl? She is shy, so stop to drink cross cupped wine with her."

Seeing this, Peter wanted to give an out. He said, "You are right. It's also hard for me to go up or down. It seems that it's all my fault."

The others who had just hooted all apologized one after another, and the atmosphere at the dinner slowly began to warm up. Everyone was busy with their own things, ignoring Ashley in the corner, as if nothing had just happened.

Weldon felt someone was approaching him on his arm

door of the private room was knocked. A handsome man who had poured a glass of warm water for Ashley stood up and opened the door consciously. Hearing the voice, Ashley looked back. When the door was opened, she saw Jasper coming in

As soon as Jasper appeared, everyone at the table stood up, including Weldon.

As expected, due to their different status, no one came in to greet Ashley and Alice just now, but when Jasper came in, everyone stood up to welcome him.

"Hi Jasper, what brings you here?" Weldon was the most seniority in the room, and it was reasonable for him to speak first.

"Hi Weldon. I came here to pick up my artist. I was worried about her since it was late. You won't blame me for taking her away early, will you?" Jasper said, standing at the door.

Except a few of them knew what had happened. The others were shocked by what they heard. They stared at each other in confused look. 'Who's Jasper's artist?'

Although Jasper was young, but he was really influential in this circle. Weldon was a respectable elder, he didn't dare to offend Jasper. "This is not a big deal," Weldon replied with a smile.

Having a look at the coat on the hanger, Jasper recognized it was Ashley's. He took it from the hanger and nodded to Ashley, hinting her to put it on. With the help of Jasper, Ashley put on her coat. As she was accustomed to his gentleness, she didn't think it was a big deal.

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