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   Chapter 152 Dinner Party (Part Two) (Part One)

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Her assistant was driving the car and her fat agent looked at her mobile phone and said, "Why did you invite Ashley here? Will you be impressed if you have her with you?"

Hazel locked her phone, "Even I don't invite her, do you think that Weldon doesn't know her? I just do her a favor, and it costs me nothing. I have seen it clearly. Ashley would be a super star in the future. It's not bad to make friends with her before she becomes famous.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the fat agent accompanied Hazel to the private room where two girls were already there. Two directors sat with a young artist in the middle, while another two young men who were toasting to Weldon, and other scriptwriters were chatting.

Seeing Hazel and her agent come in, Weldon greeted them with a smile, "Hi, Hazel. Director Jason talked about you just now. Go and have a drink with Jason."

Hazel and Weldon were acquainted with each other for a long time. When she just started her career, she was forced by her former agent to go to several dinner parties. There were popular stars and unknown beauties. Everyone was priced for drinking, dining, and having sex. Once, she came across Weldon.

At that time, Weldon was younger, elegant, bright and handsome than it was now. Hazel had been unwilling to go the last step, but she involuntarily obeyed Weldon when she met him. As a newcomer, she had neither background nor backer. It was a piece of cake for her to fall into the hands of a man of power and elegance, like Weldon.

Hazel's virginity was then given to Weldon. Its first night was special, even if it was just a deal. Recalling the past, Hazel couldn't help feeling a little dejected.

The director, Jason, had already said to her, "Hazel, please sit here. I've reserved a seat for you."

Hazel took off her coat and handed it to her agent. She wore a thin v-shirt inside, which was very deep in the chest. With a smile on her face, she walked up to Jason and sat down next

ce was proud of herself in her heart. She enjoyed the attention of everyone, poured a glass of wine skillfully and moved close to Weldon. Her bare legs were pressed against Weldon's arm. Her goal today was Weldon.

"Hello, Weldon. May I sit next to you?"

As for this piece of meat that was sent to his lips, Weldon naturally wouldn't refuse it and nodded. Alice said as she sat down, "I have always admired Alice for long time. I finally see you today."

Alice was young and pretty. She was well-dressed, pure and lovely, and her words were pleasing and lovely. Looking at the attractive girl in front of him, Weldon asked with a smile, "How old are you?"

Alice put her tender, rosy lips close to Weldon's ear, "I'm 20, and I'm a sophomore."

When her lips touched the man's earlobe, a current ran through his veins. He laughed even louder. "You join Shengshi Group at the age of twenty. That's awesome. What are you good at?"

When Alice had given such obvious hints at dinner in the past, those men had already eagerly hugged and kissed her, while this man as Weldon even talked to her politely. He was indeed a gentleman, different from those bald and fat men.

"I don't know much except acting, singing and dancing, I haven't learn other yet." Alice replied. She had a heavy accent on the word "other".

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