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   Chapter 151 Dinner Party (Part Two)

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"Mr. Jasper, I have some personal affairs later. Could I deal with these documents tomorrow? I am free tomorrow." Ashley stood in front of the desk.

"What is it?" Jasper asked, crossing his hands on the table.

Unable to lie to him, Ashley bit her teeth and told the truth. "I want to go to a dinner party. Hazel has invited me several times."

"What are you going to do there? I don't have enough resources for you?" Jasper frowned.

Although she was scolded, Ashley still felt warm in her heart. "It's mainly because that Alice wants to go. Please rest assured, Mr. Jasper, I know what I should do."

Jasper was relieved, and then he said in a cold voice, "You don't have to be careful, and Alice..." He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. "Be more careful, too."

Indeed, everything could not be hidden from Jasper. Although Alice had done a good job, in Jasper's eyes, she was still too naive. Ashley felt warm in her heart and smiled kindly. "I know."

"Okay, go ahead." Jasper waved his hand.

Ashley walked out of the office happily. Alice walked to her and asked, "How's it going?"

"It's done."

"That's great!" Alice clasped her hands and said, "Ashley, go home with me to change my clothes."

"Okay." She would definitely dress Alice up as a tempting cake, and any of the three persons would be a good start for Alice.

Alice still lived in the dormitory of the company. Dave hadn't arranged a better room for her. For another, her income was not stable now. The dormitory was free and she could save some money.

This was the first time for Ashley to come to the dormitory. As what Jasper had told her before, the dormitory was a big apartment with three bedrooms and two living rooms and a hundred square meters. It was with refined decoration and looked very warm.

Linda was in her room. When she heard that there were more than one people outside. She opened the door a crack and was surprised to see that the person was Ashley. Since she came back from visiting Ashley's film site last time, the more Linda thoug

this pair of shoes, she looked at in the mirror and felt a little shy. She was really beautiful. Ashley had a good taste.

To show her sincerity, Ashley bought an ankle length overcoat and a classic handbag, which made Alice a classy lady. Ashley wore ordinary clothes in the daytime. They went out of the mall and took a taxi heading to the restaurant.

After Hazel and Ashley met on the filming site before, Hazel had a good impression on her. Luck. She was good-looking, she had acting skills and besides, she had good characters.

Weldon planned to shoot a youth idol play, so he asked Hazel to recommend artists to him. The first person appeared in Hazel's mind was Ashley. However, Hazel didn't have much hope when she sent the message to Ashley because Jasper was her manager, and Ashley usually didn't want to attend such dinner party.

Hazel would definitely go. She had been greatly hurt during the rival acting with Ashley, and she couldn't take a rest. In her minds, only through activeness can make the public remember her. She had to continue to work with the public opinion. It would be perfect if the trend could reach a new peak.

It's natural that she didn't eat well during the dinner, so she had already eaten something at home before she went out. After that, she received a message from Ashley

Thank you for your invitation. I'll be there on time.

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