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   Chapter 146 Entrust (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 7006

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Ashley felt something strange but she couldn't tell what it was. "I'm the family member of the patient and I bring my friend to visit my father."

The middle-aged woman turned her back to them with hesitation. Ashley turned around and gave a glance at Jasper, who then smiled and walked into the room with her. However, when Ashley walked into the ward, she was stunned.

It was a separate ward with the same decoration as Samuel's, except for an old granny with gray head lying on the bed, surrounded by several college students.

Samuel was discharged from hospital? She speculated in surprise.

"Are you, are you Ashley?" One of the girls pointed at her and shouted. After listening to her guess, other students were also excited and surrounded her. "Are you Ashley?"

Ashley responded to her, "it's 402, isn't it?"

The middle-aged woman said, "here is 502."

'oh my God! I'm in the wrong ward!' Ashley was so embarrassed that she couldn't face it. She quickly apologized, "I'm sorry! I'm in the wrong ward. I'm so sorry to bother you. Mr. Jasper, let's go."

"It doesn't matter. Ashley, shall we take a picture with you?" The girl stopped her.

Ashley wiped the sweat in her heart, pulled down her scarf and smiled, "Okay."

The girl handed her phone to the middle-aged woman and said, Please take some pictures for us." The middle-aged woman took over the phone. Several students surrounded Ashley in the middle, while Jasper retreated outside the shooting range.

The teacher took a few photos of them. After taking a group photo, she went to look at Jasper who was standing at the door. "I don't know. Which star is he? Why haven't we met him before?"

Ashley was afraid that these students would pull Jasper over to take pictures again, which would embarrass him. She rushed to stand in front of Jasper without being noticed. "This is my manager, not an actor."


"He is so handsome. It's a pity that he is not a star."

"Sorry to bother you again today," said Ashley

"Don't worry. It's fine." The teacher was polite too.

Ashley was so embarrasse

aid of her. So she said, "Let me tell you, I have something on you. If you dare to take revenge on me, I will expose what I have in my hand to the public, enough to make you lose your reputation!"

This so-called good on her, Ashley had heard more than once, and she was a little afraid. What was it? She thought for a while and smiled, "I am unlike you. I have nothing wrong in my life. What kind of goods do you have on me."

"Don't be so sure, little girl." Gloria sneered.

"Eh, your tactic has been used over a thousand years ago." Ashley shook her head in disdain and said in half-truth, "You said you have something on me, and I have something on both of you. Do you believe it?"

"You brat! Are you not giving up until you are faced with grim reality?" Gloria said ominously, "Then I will tell you that the night you were drugged, I had installed a camera in your room! "

Ashley's face turned pale!

"Oh, I have the video you had sex with the man." With a smug smile, Gloria looked at the frightened look on Ashley face, as if she had seen a ghost. "If you dare say anything to offend me and Sheila, I will expose this video. I will see how you will be a star!"

Holding the windowsill, Ashley was on the verge of collapse. "Why? Why do you treat me like this? You took away my mother's husband, and so did your daughter. Why? My mom and I have never offended both of you! "

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