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   Chapter 144 Entrust (Part One)

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"Ashley, you get up so early today. Come and have a seat. We can have breakfast together," Abbott said, and then he went to the kitchen to get bowls and chopsticks for her.

"Auntie!" Nelson said excitedly, "Sit here!"

Ashley walked over and sat next to Nelson. They hadn't seen each other for months. The little boy seemed to have grown up a little, but his face was still plump. Nelson wore a striped knitwear, looking at her with great excitement in his eyes, and he was so excited that Ashley's heart was almost melted by him.

She touched Nelson's head and sat down, "I haven't seen you for months. Do you miss me?"

"Of course!" As soon as she sat down, Nelson threw himself into her arms, raising his big shining eyes. "Auntie, you've become more beautiful!"

Wow, the boy was so sweet. Hearing his praise, Ashley laughed and said, "You have gained more weight, haven't you?"

Nelson felt a little wronged. He praised her when they met; on the contrary, his aunt had spoken ill of him as soon as she saw him. Nelson pouted and said, "I didn't get fat. I get heavier because I've grown tall."

Ashley was amused and asked, "Really? But I feel that you have gained more weight on your face."

"No, I'm not!" Nelson held Ashley's hand and pressed it against his face. "If you don't believe me, you can pinch it, the same as before."

Ashley pinched his chubby little face carefully. "Well... it is the same as before. "

With a satisfied smile on his face, Nelson coquettishly asked, "Aunt, I've passed the piano exam level 8. Am I great?"

Ashley was shocked. She was only a level 8 pianist. Nelson was just a kid! She gave a thumbs up and said, "Wow, Nelson is so great! Will you be a pianist? "

"Is it good to be a pianist?" Nelson asked, blinking his eyes.

When Jasper saw Ashley and Nelson talking to each other affectionately, he pulled his son back to his seat with a smile in his eyes. "Let's have dinner first. We have to go to school later," he said.

Feeling wronged, Nelson left the arms of Ashley. "I just have a few words with aunt."

He looked so pitiful that anyone who saw him would feel s

now that she was drugged?"

An unnatural expression flashed across Sheila's face.

Gloria knew her daughter too well, so she realized that it must be Sheila revealed the secret. She asked sharply, "Did you tell her?"

Sheila still wanted to hide it. She touched her neck and looked at the wall aside. "No, I'm not that stupid."

Gloria narrowed her eyes and pulled Sheila over to face her. "If you want to marry Francis, you have to tell me the truth. If anything happens to Ashley on your wedding, don't blame me for not reminding you in advance!"

Sheila knew that she couldn't escape. And she was really afraid that Ashley would ruin her wedding. So she lowered her head and whispered. "I said it."

If they weren't in the hospital that Gloria would have slapped on Sheila's face! 'Idiot! I'm a shrewd woman. How could I have such a silly daughter!' thought Gloria. With her sharp eyes staring at Sheila, Gloria asked, "When did you tell her?"

"When did..." Sheila thought for a while, "I can't remember exactly when. It has been four or five months."

Four or five months? Gloria's frown deepened, then Ashley must have hated Sheila for a long time? However, after so many years, Ashley was still holding back her anger. Such a thing couldn't be underestimated!

Gloria glared at Sheila and said, "You should have kept the secret! If you dare to talk nonsense to others again, don't come to me for help!"

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