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   Chapter 143 Different Jasper

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Ashley suddenly stops the car, but the road is slippery in the snow night. Her shoes had heels, although she stopped, she tripped and fell. With his hands on her shoulder quickly, Jasper tried to stop her from falling. "Watch your way!" He said.

Feeling humiliated in front of her beloved ones, Ashley flushed. She held onto Jasper's wrist and said, "Sorry, I was absent-minded. Thank you, Mr. Jasper."

Hearing that, Jasper curled his mouth helplessly. When she was able to stand straight, he released her grip. "What are you thinking about?" he asked.

Ashley gave her a wry smile and said, "Oh, I just think of the recording."

They started their way again. This time, in order to prevent her from falling, Jasper didn't let her walk behind him, he walked with her side by side. "What do you think about the recording?" he asked.

"Mr. Jasper, I can tell you but don't think I am vicious." Ashley reminded him.

"No problem. "

"Mr. Jasper, you know that my stepsister doesn't treat me well." To be more precisely, Sheila treated her as a viper. "In fact, I deliberately led her to tell the truth... I planned to play the recording on the wedding of Sheila and Francis."

After she finished her words, Ashley secretly glanced at Jasper's expression and found that he was very calm.

"I can help you on that. I've already received their wedding invitation. I don't think she will send you the invitation. You might get into trouble if you want to go to the wedding. "

"What?" Ashley said surprising, "Mr. Jasper, don't you think it's a bit inappropriate to do this?"

Frowning, Jasper asked, "Why do you think so?"

"I heard from Carla that you are a well-known upstanding and upright man."

"I think..." Jasper said seriously, "You got me wrong."

Ashley had a feeling that she was being unreasonable again.

What Carla said refers to the aspect of my private life. To put this aside, I'm not so aboveboard. Do you forget how we first met?"

It brought Ashley back to when she was in the Jasper's villa at the end of spring and early summer night. She worked as an entertainment journalist at that time. Because she had taken some private video of Flora, she had been tied to his private house by Jasper. All of a sudden, Ashley remembered that she had been naked lying on the carpet in a photo taken by the man next to her. Her face blushed again.

"I have done a lot of things, such as kidnapping, threat, money laundering, and flattering. In a general sense, I'm not a good man." With a grim face, Jasper went on, "Apart from that, only by dealing with Flora's private life, I have crippled several people, let alone the company's conflict of interest."

Ashley had no idea how stunned she was.

"If Sheila did those to me, I might probably kill her already."

The word "kill" sounded light and chilly, which was a little frightening. After hearing it, Ashley was a little afraid of Jasper.

As Jasper tilted his head to look at the timid look in her eyes, he realized that what he had said scared her.

He restrained his expression on his face and said gently, "Of course I'm not born to be cruel and bloodthirsty. I can only solve something by special means. Besides, I don't use violence. And this tacti

the truth to be so cruel!

Ashley logged back to her microblog. Her account had been updated the video on the day of the press conference. Now the number of comments under the video had risen to three million, and it was still rising.

She clicked on the comments randomly, but all of them showed sympathy for her. Some were talking about crimes. Some were just thinking that she was hyping.

Ashley turned off the phone, got out of bed and drew back the curtain.

Yesterday, it began to snow less heavily, and there was only a thin layer of lawn outside the window. The sun had just risen, and some places where the sun was shining had begun to melt the snow, revealing the Yellow lawn.

After washing her face and brushed her teeth, Ashley got up early today. Since she had come back to live, she had gotten up late and come back late every day. To her surprise, she had not seen Nelson. In the past, she didn't have time see him when she was busy with shooting. Now that she had come back and lived with them, but she could not see Nelson every day, Ashley really missed him.

She remembered clearly that she had set an alarm clock when she went to sleep yesterday. Ashley was sleepy and went downstairs. When she saw Jasper and the group of people having breakfast at the long table of the dining room, she was stunned.

She swore that it was the first time she got up so early since she moved to Jasper's house and it was the first time she caught up the time to have breakfast with them together.

She knew that everyone had lunch or dinner at the table. However, she was forced to do so subconsciously. She always felt that when Jasper had breakfast, it should be him and Nelson who were having breakfast at the big dining table. It was hard to imagine that such a dignified person as Jasper was sitting at the head of the table. The bodyguards, gardeners, servants, and cooks were all having dinner with him at the same table.

Ashley was shocked.

Yesterday, she had felt that Jasper was superior and cold to everyone. When she saw him in the morning, she saw that he was very kind and easy-going having breakfast with others in the villa.

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