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   Chapter 140 The Truth At The Press Conference (Part One)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 6253

Updated: 2020-03-17 00:30

The press conference was held at three o'clock in the afternoon of the next day.

At about two o'clock, Ashley arrived at the lounge behind the reception. At that time, Jasper was organizing the process with Jamie. Jamie was responsible for the fixing up of the press conference. This was her first time to be in charge of the press conference, and she was also the hostess. Everyone could imagine how nervous he was.

The two were having a meeting. Sitting alone, Ashley was as nervous as Jamie. She had to clarify "adultery" in public, which made her feeling creepy, especially Jasper was also there.

As promised, Francis arrived at the conference. After greeting some people, he went to the lounge at the back and saw Ashley sitting alone with a pale face.

He walked over and called her name, "Ashley."

Immersing herself in her own thoughts, Ashley was shocked by this sudden shout. She looked up and said, " Here you are. "

Sitting next to her, Francis said, "Let's have a talk."

Looking at the direction of Jasper, Ashley nodded with hesitation.

As if aware of her concerns, Francis lowered his voice and said, "You want to clarify something, but I'll go along with you to tell them that what you say is true. And if media asks why you keep that child, what do you plan to say? "

Ashley bit her lips and said, "To be honest, I always thought that the baby was yours. I didn't know he was... another man's child."

Francis shook his head, "No, it's not convincing. You should have known that it was not me that night, because I would have questioned you when I saw something unusual. Then we would infer the truth together. As for the baby, you can just say that you didn't expect to be pregnant. After my mother found out about this, my parents really want a grandson, and you have to keep that child."

Looking at him, Ashley suddenly asked,

them walked to the stage and sat down.

Standing in the shade at the left door, Jasper put an earphone in one of his ears. He turned on the recorder pen and he saw there was one recording in it.

He clicked the play key.

"What are you doing here?"

"I am to comfort you. Look, I finally married Francis. You're a loser!"

He was too familiar with the voice. The first one was Ashley and the second one was her sister, Sheila, who was really harsh. He frowned.

"I was pregnant before, but you are the one to blame!"

"How dare you mention such a bastard? I feel ashamed for you. I don't even know who is the father of your child."

As Jasper furrowed his eyebrows more deeply, he had a feeling that the truth might be beyond his expectation. And the truth was a bit terrible, so he could not help but hold his breath.

"Tell me, who is that man? And who is that man?"

Jasper's eyes widened in surprise!

Sitting side by side with Francis on the stage, Ashley had a fixed microphone in front of her. Her hands on her knees were clenched tightly. Her face was so pale that she could barely make any response. All the journalists at present were holding their breath and stared at Ashley, afraid of missing any word from her.

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