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   Chapter 135 Recording (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-03-16 00:22

The word "death" was very harsh.

But Ashley didn't want to hear his explanation, so she said, "We will talk about it later. Now you just need to focus on your treatment."

"It's too late to deal with it in the future. After your mother passed away, Gloria had done something stupid to you. I'm sorry for you..."

"Daddy..." "It's enough. You can take a break. I'll stay here with you," said Ashley.

Death was a hurdle everyone had to face after all. In the face of death, one would be scared, cry bitterly, and would have all kinds of expressions. Although Samuel had accepted his disease, he was still on the verge of death, so did Ashley. The father and the daughter ended their conversation in panic.

Ashley ran away from the ward.

Outside the door, Sheila was also there. When she saw Sheila's tender face, Ashley suddenly disappeared without a trace. She thought calmly that the recording pen that Jamie bought for her was finally coming in handy.

Looking at the mother and the daughter, Ashley snorted and said to the bodyguards, "I'm walking around in the hospital. Don't follow too close."

"Yes, Miss Ashley."

Jamie seemed to notice something, she said tentatively, "Ashley, I want to go out and eat something. Do you want to go with me?"

Ashley thought, 'Jamie is really a smart girl.' then she said, "I don't want go any more. Be careful."

Jamie left happily.

Thus, it was reasonable for her to be alone.

Behind the inpatient area of the hospital, there was a large lawn for the medical personnel to take a walk. The corridor around the roses was also built, and the pi

as Francis who killed her baby!

However, Sheila was not satisfied with the result and continued, "Since Francis knew that you had sex with someone else, he didn't want to touch you at all. When you got pregnant, Francis hated you even more. But at that time, Francis was still thinking about your relationship with him in the past. He didn't want to expose your scandal and wanted to continue to be your husband. "

Speaking of this, Sheila's voice was fierce, "Humph, you had sex with another man, and still want to stay with Francis. Francis is really a fool!"

"So you took the opportunity to get involved in our marriage." Ashley added bitterly and coldly.

"It's all your fault. You are so stupid! You have been bullying me since I was a child. You have been living a worse life than me. But this time you even married a better man than me. Of course I will scheme to make Francis be my husband."

Until now, Sheila had told her everything.

Ashley looked at Sheila as if she was a dead person and said, "Even you married with Francis, you won't be happy."

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