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   Chapter 133 Getting The Marriage Certificate (Part Two)

Trial Of The Senses By Jiu Meier Characters: 5685

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Trembling violently, Sheila answered, "No... Please Please don't, Ethan. Please... You couldn't let him find me... Please... "

Ethan's smile faded away, "... I can help you, but after you get married, you still have to keep this relationship with me."

"I promise you. I promise you." She could even agree to let him have a baby with her now, let alone such a trifle.

After hearing the answer, Ethan cleared her throat and stopped frightening the girl. "Francis, Why you kept smoking and calling? When will you leave?"

"Ethan, are you inside the car?" Then Francis hung up the phone.

Sitting in the back seat, Ethan looked at Francis through the windshield. "Yes, I'm busy doing something good with a beauty. You'd better be sensible to leave as soon as possible."

"I'm sorry." "Ethan, you're in such a good mood. I'll take my leave and not to disturb you," Francis said jokingly.

"Hurry up!"

After a while, Francis disappeared from the underground parking lot.

Sheila came out from behind Ethan, with beads of sweat on her forehead. She took out the coat from under her and put it on. Ethan said coldly, "What? You want to leave after exploiting me?"

Sheila was furious. If it were not for Ethan, there would not be such an embarrassing moment as this. She felt sick at the thought that she had sex with another man in front of the one she loved.

Sheila put all the blame on Ethana. She completely forgot that it was she seduced Ethan first. It was because she felt bored that she called Ethan here.

"I'm talking to you! Are you dumb?" He was not happy to see his rival in love, and the girl he liked ignored him, which made Ethan even angrier.

At the thought of wha

body was in a circle. Because of the scandal, Ashley was invisibly ostracized, and almost no one came close to the seat, leaving only herself and Jamie.

The lights of the stage lighted up the whole photography area. It was not far from the rest area. Under the professional light, Ashley's delicate face was like a sculpture. Looking at the woman in front of her, Jamie couldn't help but marvel at the injustice of the creator again. As a woman, she was often fascinated by the face of Ashley, let alone the men who were rushing after her in craziness.

"Have I asked you to buy me a recording pen?" Ashley asked.

Looking at the woman's face, Jamie was stunned for a while and then came to her sense. She said hurriedly, "I bought them. At the interval of the conference, I went to nearby electronic mall and tried them on. They worked well."

As she said, she took out a small thing which was as small as a finger and continued Here is the switch... This is the recording button... And here is the play button..."

Taking it over, Ashley tried the recording pen for a while. After she mastered it, she put it in her bag.

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